40 Reasons why biographies are important (revealed!)

Why are biographies important
Students discussing the importance of Biography

Whoever you are or your particular profession, reading biography is always important for your life.

In this article, we revealed to You 40 reasons you should read Biographies, and why they are important for your life.


Reading biographies serves as a source of inspiration for us and for others.

By reading through the lives of others, their struggles, failures, and successes, we feel inspired to do better and it reassures us that our lives are on the right track.

Give us insights on how to complex problems.

Reading biographies provides us with a deep understanding of how successful people overcome difficult crises in their lives, as well as their attitudes and strategies for resolving life-changing complex problems that threaten them at some point in their lives.

Because we have seen which strategies worked and which did not, we are better prepared to make decisions when confronted with complex problems in the future.

It forces us to consider the big picture rather than the immediate gratifications.

Biography aids in changing our lives from focusing on and relying on short-term benefits to considering how it will impact and affect our lives in the future.

This forces us to always reflect on our actions in order for us to benefit in the long run.

Instead of looking at 6 months of benefit, we look far beyond that, which is more important.

It helps us become more independent and avoid peer pressure.

By reading the lives of successful people, we gradually become more independent in our decisions by relying on ourselves rather than being influenced by peer pressure.

This enables us to take specific steps in order to have the conviction of success even if our friends do not understand it.

Describes historical events.

The best way to learn about history is to experience it through the lives of those who made it.
Reading biographies exposes us to more facts about historical events from the real people who were witnesses to such events. 
This gives us a clear picture of why, when, and how the event took place.

Gives us knowledge in advance, which keeps us prepared.

Biographies help in equipping us with advanced knowledge of things, events, situations, and problems we will encounter in the future and also the solutions to be used for solving those problems.
This helps us become better at analyzing issues, taking informed decisions and avoiding penalties in our areas of endeavours.

Reading biographies molds people into the characters they read about.

This is as a result of exposing all the knowledge, challenges, successes, and attitudes of such an important person to the understanding of the reader.

It is scientifically proven that if you want to become an entrepreneur, you should read books about entrepreneurship and biographies of successful entrepreneurs.
This principle applies to all fields of human endeavour that you can imagine.

It instructs us what to do and what not to do.

Biographies expose us to knowledge of specific circumstances and actions. They teach us what to avoid doing and what to do in any given situation or circumstances.

Moreover, by reading biographies, our ability to take informed decisions becomes stronger and the possibility of making wrong decisions is reduced because we have seen the personal experiences of others before us.

Helps us to discover and recognise other people’s points of view.

The best way to understand other people is to read about them.

Reading biographies helps us to discover and recognize other people’s points of view, which may or may not be different from our own.

It gives us the strength to understand and appreciate them rather than mock or belittle their perspectives.

Makes people bold.

Reading biographies gives us the ability to take complex issues or problems that may appear very difficult to overcome and dissect them into simple issues that are easy to provide solutions for.

The reason for such an ability is that it comes as a result of reading how successful people who often encounter difficult decisions in their lives solve them.
Biographies expose us to the failures of their decisions and the successes of other decisions, thereby increasing our chances of avoiding the pitfalls and replicating the successes.

Provide us with world-class mentors.

Reading biographies of successful people gives us the ability to make good mentors out of famous and successful people with ease and for free.

We may follow the step-by-step pattern followed by a successful person in their career. 

It doesn’t matter if the person is dead or alive, the lessons learned from it will guide us to achieve great things by replicating actions that give good outcomes and avoiding actions that produce the opposite result.

Serve as a warning.

Another important aspect of reading biographies is that they always serve as a warning signal to us at every step of our life’s or professional career’s journey.

This warning helps us not to jeopardize our careers, businesses, relationships, and family by showing us what those steps we are about to take have done in the lives of other successful people before us.

It opens our eyes to the world.

Biographies are important in opening our eyes to the opportunities, places, and diversity of this world. It helps in exposing us to different cultures, religions, climates, foods, among others.

 Successful people are not restricted to a particular location; they have been scattered around the world.

This gives us a clear understanding that no matter the location, religion, continent, gender, or race, if we follow the right steps, learn from the mistakes of others before us, and keep improving ourselves, we will succeed.

 Exposed us to different work ethics.

Since the road to success is not in a straight line, successful people have adopted different work ethics that work for them.

These work ethics vary from one person to another.

By reading different biographies, our knowledge of various ethics that work and those that don’t empowers us to have a variety of choices to take from that work, use it or modify it to suit our needs.

It integrates all aspects of life.

Biography is encompassing, it covers all aspects of our lives.

There are biographies for successful scientists, entrepreneurs, politicians, actors, academics, comedians, writers, among all other world professions.
Therefore, no matter who you are or what you are looking for, there are biographies that will suit your needs perfectly.

Gives room for risk taking.

Reading biographies gives us the confidence to take risks that will help us transform our lives for the better, contribute to the development of our countries, and leave a lasting legacy for the rest of the world.

Furthermore, as a result of reading biographies, we see how other successful people, like Mark Zuckerberg and Dale Carnegie, took risks that changed lots of things in the world.

Helps us raise a better family.

Reading biographies also helps us raise better families by shedding light on what others have encountered and the decisions they took that either helped the family or destroyed it.

These lessons will give us clues on things to avoid that will cause issues in our families and things to do that will give us a happy, united, and better family.

Improve reading skills.

Reading a lot of biographies will help us improve our reading skills, learn new words and their meanings, improve our grammar (especially for non-natives), and transform our writing skills.

Give us access to prominent people.

It gives us the ability to access our leaders and other successful people in a less stressful and expensive manner.

By reading the biographies of such people, the questions that we have that require us to spend time and resources booking appointments and flight tickets, sometimes we can easily access the answers through their biographies.

For example, it will be nearly impossible to have an appointment with Bill Gates in less than two years, but things will get clearer for you if you read his biography instead.

It tells us the way a person has grown in order to become the one that changes the world.

Consolation when we failed.

Reading biographies can help us feel better about our failures in life and understand that even the most successful people have had many failures before they succeed.

Alternative perspective.

Reading biographies has a way of preparing people to see things from completely different perspectives that others will find difficult to see.

This is as a result of seeing a variety of ways things get done by successful people.

Encourages self-discovery.

There is no better way to learn about our talents, passions, and goals than through biography.

As we read about how others discover their ambitions, it forces us to think deeply, reflect, and eventually discover ours also.

It provides a human side to the story and enlivens the description of historical events.

Since biographies are part of history, the description of historical events by an actual person who witnessed such events enhances the ability of others to understand it better.

Improves emotional intelligence.

It empowers our critical thinking, skills, reasoning, and ability to confront issues without anxiety or depression.

Reading biographies improves our ability to think critically about issues from all perspectives and figure out how to solve them.

It is replete with many examples of how successful people are able to analyze and proffer solutions to complex situations easily.

This will help us in taking best decisions in the future because we have studied how many great decisions were taken and the outcomes of such decisions.

Provide safe place for learning.

Reading biographies provides us with the ability to learn from others without the fear of losing valuable resources, time, or energy.

For example, reading biographies of successful entrepreneurs helps us understand things that work and things that fail to work without us using our hard-earned resources to experiment.

Help us understand the cyclical nature of events.

The events that happen in the world are always cyclical in nature. Many things that happened in the past are bound to happen again in the future.

Therefore, reading biographies helps us to understand this cyclical nature and prepare for it. It also helps us take advantage of the situation when it presents itself.

Inform us about the consequences of our actions.

Reading biographies helps in providing us with awareness of how our actions may affect the environment we live in, long after we are gone.

This will guide us away from engaging in activities that may have adverse effects on the environment, like the current issues of endangered species, climate change, and industrial waste.

Reading biographies helps us identify red flags in relationships, goals, and aspirations that may have a large impact on our marital lives in the future, which may sound funny.


Going through this list will give you a clear understanding of why are biographies important.

It’s numerous advantages that can transform our lives, communities, and the world into a better, safer environment that can positively impact future generations yet unborn.

How many biography books have you read? Leave a comment below with their titles for others to benefit from.

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