Advantages and disadvantages of biography (17 facts!)

Advantages and disadvantages of biographies
Advantages Disadvantages of biographies

Biographies have unique advantages and disadvantages, but few of us have the idea of what they are.

In this article, we examined for you various advantages and disadvantages of biographies simply.

Advantages and disadvantages of biographies.

Just like any other important activity in this world, biography has its own advantages which consists of, true facts, specific details, lessons, insights into a personal life of an individual, improving literary skills among others. So also the disadvantages.

Advantages of biography

Verifiable facts.

Biographies are basically verifiable facts that are narrated to you from the life of the subject.

The subject’s life is full of experiences in family, career, work ethics and mistakes that will help you the reader to learn from in your life journey.

The absence of lies and unverifiable information is one of the best advantage of biographies around the world.

Restricted to specifics.

Biographies are very specific in the message they deliver to us.

The ability of a biography to stick to a specific individual rather than branching out into the generality of the people is a good advantage that will continue to receive the approval of the readers.

Moreover, discussing on a specific individual gives you more chances of getting reliable information and minimal chances of mistakes than when you take a broad attempt at a general event or action.

Deals with past events.

Another advantage of biography to our lives is its ability to analyse only past events in the life of an individual which has an existing data rather than trying to discuss the future event which lacks any verifiable data.

By dealing with only the past, it saves itself from speculations, prediction and analysis that may or may not happen to relying on evidence of what actually happened and narrating same to you without changing anything.

Full of lessons.

Life lessons are valuable to our lives in many ways.

Biography is full of such lessons that can help us get to success easily while at the same time helping us avoid the mistakes that may affect our lives in the future.

Moreover, the lives of people who are subjects of biographies are full of different lessons for learning.

This lesson can be on career, family, work ethics, community service, ambitions, among others.

Insights into a personal life.

Another important advantage biography gave you and me is the ability to have a glance at another person’s life to have a better idea of why and how he or she take certain actions.

Generally, we are used to judging people without doing research to find out why they behave or act in a manner we are accusing them of.

Therefore, biography bestowed upon us the ability to have a look into the person’s life, and make credible decisions notwithstanding the fact the individual is alive or dead.

Benefits the reader.

Benefit of reading biographies is uncountable to us as the audience.

Lots of life-changing experiences and knowledge are generated as a result of discovery through reading biographies.

Biography readers are leaders.

As such, reading biographies will give you lots of opportunities that you have never seen before in your life.

Improve literary skills.

Literary skills are the must important skills in the life an individual all around the world.

Biographies offer the best and simplest way of improving your reading and writing skills without a problem.

It takes you into the proper way of reading and writing without both the two becoming boring or technical in your eyes.

Moreover, reading biographies is very enjoyable and rewarding for both your physical and mental health.

It helps you reactive your brain activities by engaging you through the biography.

Helps in predicting the future.

Having an excellent knowledge about what’s going to happen in the future is very important to your success.

Biographies help you look back into the past to know the history of what happened and help you predict what is going to happen in the future based on the information you read in a biography.

However, since biographies are not magic, there is no hundred percent guarantee of getting accurate information about what you predicted.

Source of inspiration.

Biographies are a source of positive inspiration to millions of people around the world.

We can find inspiration in biographies in different ways which help people to avoid depression, anxiety and inferiority issues.

Furthermore, those inspirations have a remarkable impact on how you see life and your orientation towards a better life for you and your family.

Equip people with problem-solving skills.

Problem-solving skills are the most important skills that will help you stand out in the crowd.

And also it is a skill that employers are actively looking for every day.

Biography helps you develop such skills in the most important way by relying on the experiences of famous persons that have biography .

Motivates the reader.

Many readers of biographies believe that the more biographies you read, the more motivated you are in your activities.

motivation generated by biography serves as a breeding ground for the future development of the individual reader.

Tells your mistake to avoid.

Our lives as human beings are prone to mistakes and errors that cause us pain when we made them.

However, we can minimise the risk of making mistakes through reading of biographies.

Biographies tell you what mistakes to avoid through the risk of making mistakes through reading of biographies.

Biographies tell you what mistakes to avoid through the practical experience of those in the past who tried and tested the best way of doing things in your chosen career.

Helps in incubation and execution of ideas.

Another factor that contributed to the importance of reading biographies is the method of helping you to develop an idea and help you look for possible means of executing the ideas.

Moreover, biography help ensure that the ideas you have in your mind are monitored, developed and implemented into becoming a reality that will impact your life positively.

Refine, readers thought.

The advantages of a biography in our lives extend to our thought system.

Our society needs us to be proactive in solving the problems that are affecting our society through critical thinking skills.

Biography, in this regard, helps in refining our method of thinking by removing all possible barriers that may prevent us from doing the right thing.

However, with the help of reading biographies, many lives have been changed and redesign from negative thinking that hurts the individual to a positive one which helps the life of the individual and his or her family.

Disadvantages of biography

It’s too bulky.

Among the biggest disadvantages of biographies, bulkiness of the pages and the huge word count are a major threat to a lot of readers.

Most of us want a book that is easy to read and understand.

A book that we can be able to finish reading within a day or two.

However, biographies, due to the amount of information covering the entire life of the subject, always end up being a bulky book.

As such it creates the impression of difficulty and is time-consuming.

Interestingly, if you will ask people questions about why they dislike biography, your likely answer will be first about the bulky nature of most of them.

Neglecting general information.

Biography is always restricting itself to a specific individual or, in some cases, few individuals at most.

However, those individuals which biography focuses on can not give you a clear picture of the general activities of the era or even the community they exist in.

Moreover, you can’t figure out why the individual who is the subject of the biography behaves or reacts to certain actions in the book as a result of a lack of attention given to general information by the biography.

It is subjective.

Most biographies are subjective.

The writer may have a connection with the subject either through affection, or if he or she consider the subject a hero.

However, in any objective research, all information that is good and bad about the subject of the biography must be provided without altering or changing anything.

Subjective writers in most biographies tends to provide the positive side of the person while giving less attention to areas of weakness.

This method of subjectivity tends to erode the integrity and credibility of the biography.


Biographies are not as exciting as the majority of fictional books.

Because it is about past events in the life of an individual, it often takes the appearance of history which the majority of the readers find as boring.

It is very difficult for you to seat down for days reading a bulky biography that you find unattractive, boring.

The time you will spend can be channels to doing other beneficial activities.

Rejection of creativity.

Biographies deal with facts from the past and reject any attempt to the inclusion of fictional and unreliable facts for the purpose of making the biography good.

Also, any form of information source that is questionable should not be included in a biography because if it turns out to be false, it may lead to litigations.

Limited evidence.

Evidences that is used in a biography is limited, especially if the gap of the era between the subject and the writer is very wide.

Thus, the method of looking for evidences and necessary information that may help the biography is difficult and in some cases impossible to access.

Lack input from the subject.

Most biographies have no single input from the subject as a result of either the subject is long death, or his or her permission was not obtained by the writer.

Many errors found in biographies can be prevented if the subject has an input into the biography.

Ideas may be obsolete now.

It is a well-known fact to all of us that biographies are full of ideas and advice that are aimed at helping us improve our lives.

However, the problem with most of these ideas is they are obsolete and not actionable in our own era.

Thus, advice that is given cannot guarantee you any positive outcome because of the rapid changes and transformation ongoing across the world.

Some biographies are older than one hundred and fifty years old and, therefore, have zero knowledge and understanding of how our world works now.

Facts debatable.

Facts, figures and accounts of event in a biography are often a source of debates and arguments about the issues that are raised in such biographies.

Due to our differences in views, perspectives and orientations whenever something comes up that we think is not how it is supposed to be always leads us to arguments and unending debates.

Moreover, no matter how good a researcher is before writing the biography, it will still not escape people’s debates.

Impure motive.

Most of the reasons behind the publishing of a biography are not purely to contribute to knowledge.

People wrote thousands of biographies for the purpose of making money, which makes their credibility and reliability very questionable.

The purpose of writing a biography needs to be purely on merit bases and not on the amount of money it is going to generate to the reader and the publishers.


The advantages and disadvantages of biographies are very important in helping us to understand better the benefits we will get by reading them and the implications, on the other hand, as well.

Some of the benefits include:

  • True facts.
  • Restricted to specifics.
  • Deals with the past.
  • Full of lessons.
  • Benefits the reader.
  • Improving literary skills.
  • motivation.
  • mistakes to avoid.
  • Source of inspiration.
  • Help in incubation and execution of ideas.
  • Refining the thought.

While the disadvantages of biography include:

  • Bulkiness.
  • Subjectivity.
  • Boring.
  • Neglecting general information.
  • Rejection of creativity.
  • Limited evidence.
  • Lack of input from the subject of the biography.
  • Impure motive.
  • Obsolete ideas.
  • Debatable facts.


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