Ben Baker Choreographer and his biography

Ben baker choreographer


Ben baker Choreographer is an amazing performer and surprisingly a neuroscience Ph.D. scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, United States.


Ben T Baker

Date of birth:

5th July 1989


The United States of America.


Mr. and Mrs. Baker T.




Choreographer with specialization in hip hop, popping, and freestyle. He is also A Neuroscience scholars at the department of neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania.

 Ben Baker choreographer famous works:

His famous works Includes some of his most popular freestyle and his choreography videos  can easily be found in His Youtube channel.

  • Freestyles -July 2020.
  • Ba-Dum 2018
  • Class Choreography 2018
  • Class choreography 2019
  • Music video choreography 2015.
  • Freestyle collections 2015.

Apart from this famous ones, He has a ton of other choreography performances either done by himself alone or in collaborations with other amazing choreographers both new and upcoming artists wanting to leverage on his experience and expertise to learn more about choreography.


  • Bachelors degree.

Brown University, 2010.

  • MSc degree

Yale University, 2014.

  • PhD

University of Pennsylvania, 2020.


2020, University of Pennsylvania.

Provost doctoral fellowship education.


Ben Baker Choreographer has won several awards both in excelling in academics and in choreography performance below are the most important awards;

  • Fontaine fellow award, university of Pennsylvania.
  • Social cognitive and effectiveness awards and neuroscience graduate certificate. The University of Pennsylvania.

Ben Baker has proven to both the academicians and lovers of choreography that people can combine two or more different passions and excel in both by being diligent, consistent, and perseverance. He wishes people will understand the power they have in the process that will eventually lead to fulfilling their dreams and living happily with their families and love ones.

Ben Baker choreographer videos:

For people who are interested in learning Choreography lessons, practical’s and video performance to improve their choreography knowledge, Ben Baker has a channel dedicated for such where most of his videos have been posted to for the benefit of choreography lovers.

You can find the videos if you are interested in a Youtube channel named Ben T Baker. Visiting this YouTube channel, You will be surprised by the number of videos, their quality and how educative and entertaining they are for learners, amateurs and professionals alike. Feel free to visit the YouTube channel of Ben Baker and see for  yourself the wonders and beauty of choreography.


Ben Baker’s life is a lesson for you and I about following our passion, helping others and having a successful career without one aspect of our life affecting the other in a negative way. He is and will always be ready to accept your interest in it.



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