Best Al Capone Biography (15 reasons uncovered!)

Best Al Capone Biography
Best Al Capone Biography

In the criminal world, Al Capone has been one of the most popular in history but many have no idea on which is the best Al Capone Biography to read and learn about the man himself.

In this article, we pick for you the best biography of Al Capone and our reasons for choosing it.

What is the best Al Capone Biography?

Mr Capone: the real and complete story of Al Capone by Robert J. Schoenberg. Published in 1992.

Why it is the best?

We regard the book as the best biography of Al Capone because of the following factors that are covered far better than any other book out there.

Those reasons that make the Biography of the best include:

The Content of the biography.

The amount of details the author was able to unearth was extraordinary.

Moreover, the book contains not only the major details but also the minor and obscure details that made the book the best resource on Al Capone.

As such, the book by Schoenberg remained till today the best reference point for the most accurate truth about the life and times of Al Capone by bringing out all details for public consumption.

The competence of the writer.

The author of the Biography, Robert J. Schoenberg, was a literary legend that made his mark in dishing out the best possible content in all his books.

He deploys painstaking means of looking for even the tiniest of details in the subject’s life through research that takes him a long time to accomplish.

Fair and balanced representation.

Al Capone’s biography contains a well-balanced representation of facts, figures and events that cover the positive and negative side of the life of the subject (Al Capone).

Fair and balanced presentation of facts is always the best approach to a biography.

The book is neutral in the way the author discussed issues that aid the reliability and acceptance of the book by most readers.

In-depth coverage of details.

Without a doubt, the book is best because of the depth it covered in the entire life of Al Capone.

The book set you on the background to the history of the area (Chicago), the era and how the environment is.

The book shows in details gangs, names of the major players involved, informations about Chicago gangster world and how Al Capone started in New York to the period He gets the total control of Chicago.

Interesting writing format.

I wrote the book in a narrative style that is easy for the reader.

Schoenberg did a very good job in bringing out a written format that is entertaining, comprehensive, easy flowing and detailed description to make the reader glued to the book from beginning to the end.

Popularity among the audience.

It is a fact that this book is the most popular and widely accepted amongst readers all over the world on Al Capone.

However, many biographies have been written before and after this one, but in terms of acceptance, trustworthiness and popularity, Schoenberg’s biography of Al Capone is the most sought after.

Lots of pictorial evidence.

The book is also the best because of including many pictures to help the reader understand more easily.

There are a lot of pictures that help in providing visual informations that is easy to remember and recollect.

Review from literary giants and newspapers.

The book received positive reviews from important literary legends, magazines, journals, and newspapers across the world.

Washington post and nytimes provide an excellent review of the book and commend Schoenberg for a job well done.

Number of copies sold.

It is a verified record that it has sold copies that are more than one hundred and fifty thousand from the time I published the book to this date.

This success makes the book stand out as the best biography of the famous Mr “Scarface”, known officially as Al Capone.

Availability in the market.

The book is widely available in almost all standard bookstores, libraries.

They can also purchase it online through e-commerce websites like Amazon, Alibaba and many more places like Newyork times.

This easy access makes it more popular for people around the world for purchasing or collection from libraries.

Accuracy of facts/minimum errors

Our research team did a very good job. We find out the book has the lowest record of errors amongst all other biographies.

When was the biography published?

The book was first published in April 1992.

Who is the author of the biography.

The author is the famous Mr Robert J. Schoenberg. He is a wonderful writer that established a reputation for excellence, in-depth coverage, painstaking research and well structured narrative that is easy for the reader.

Born in New York, United States of America in 1933.

Schoenberg specialised in Adult non-fiction, work for Esquire Inc and later resigned to work as a free-lance writer.

His publications include the following:

  • The Art of Being a Boss, 1978.
  • Geneen, 1985.
  • Mr. Capone, 1992.

Has also ghostwritten two books.

Who was the publisher?

William Morrow and Company inc. The publishing company is located in New York city, United States of America.

Lessons from the biography.

There are several lessons that we can learn from this biography.

High among the lessons are that no matter how life treats you, never engage in a criminal activity.

Also, no matter how powerful you are, the law will get you, even if you hide for several years.

The biggest lesson in the biography is crime is never an option to settle for.

Criticism of the biography.

  • The age of the Al Capone when he died was not the actual date recognised in reality.
  • The digital version of the book is not hundred percent complete and that the pictures in the digital version of the Biography are less than what is obtainable in physical book.
  • Moreover, the claim in the book that Al Capone drops out of school is inaccurate because Al Capone is the first in his family to graduate high school.

How much is the Price of the biography?

The prices of the Biography differ from place to place depending on the quality of the version you like to buy.

However, the price for both paperback and digital version starts from $5 dollars to $30 dollars each.

Why did the author write the biography?

Robert J Schoenberg wrote the Biography as a result of his desire to provide a reliable and fact-based story of the most popular criminal in history in other to have a balanced narrative of the truth.

Other Al Capone biographies

  1. Al Capone: His Life, Legacy, and Legend. By Deirdre Bair
  2. Scarface and the Untouchable: Al Capone, Eliot Ness, and the Battle for Chicago. By Max Allan Collins
  3. William J. Helmer The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre: The Untold Story of the Gangland Bloodbath That Brought Down Al Capone.
  4. Roger Harrington Al CAPONE: American Gangster Stories.
  5. Fred D. Pasley AL CAPONE: The Biography of a Self-Made Man.: Revised from the 0riginal 1930 edition. Over 200 new photographs.
  6. Al Capone: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Criminals) by Hourly History.
  7. Gennifer Choldenko Al Capone Does My Shirts (Tales from Alcatraz)
  8. Diane Patricia Capone Al Capone: Stories My Grandmother Told Me.
  9. Deirdre Marie Capone Uncle Al Capone – The Untold Story from Inside His Family

Is Al Capone Biography worth reading?

Yes! Al Capone’s biography by Robert J Schoenberg is definitely worth reading if you are interested in looking into the life and mind of Chicago’s most wanted criminal.

The book is very interesting, full of suspense, twists, lessons and betrayals that can give you an idea of how crime, especially in the 1920s, work and what motivates such crime to flourish in the past.

Not only that, the book takes you into the history of crime before Al Capone, with Al Capone and after he left the scene.

Moreover, the book is very fascinating, simple to follow, easy grammar and excellent capture of events that will leave flipping pages after pages without you realising it.

Is there a documentary about Al Capone?

There are several documentaries about Al Capone in different channels especially, on YouTube.

More than 45 documentaries have been produced about the life and times of Al Capone using different methods and strategies.

Performance of the biography.

The Biography is still available and generating publicity from 1992 when they published it to the present day.

Major e-commerce websites and bookshops have the Biography across the length and breadth of united states and abroad.

Statistics of the copies of the biography that are sold.

More than one hundred and twenty-six thousand copies have been printed and sold to different readers and organisations across the world.

Revenue generated by the biography.

The book has generated more than one million dollars in sales and royalties across the world from publication alone.


The best Al Capone Biography in the world is the one titled “Mr Capone: the real and complete story of al Capone”. Written by Mr. Robert J. Schoenberg. Published in 1992.

The reason why it was the best of all Al Capone’s biography is because of its

  • clarity.
  • comprehensiveness.
  • ability to bring out major and minor details about Al Capone.
  • the style and easy flow of the story.
  • the balanced representation of accurate facts.
  • popularity among other reasons.

Therefore, we are advising you to look for this very important biography and read it. The value and lessons you will extract have the capacity of changing the way you view life.




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