How biographies become popular? (17 basic facts!)

How biographies become popular
How biographies become popular

Knowing how biographies become popular is a time-consuming activity that will take several days of intense research.

In this article, we did the difficult research for you and bring to you the ultimate guide to how biographies become popular.

Biographies all over the world become popular as a result of the rise of education, cheap printing, modern concept of fame, emergence of the internet, mass printing, multimedia biographies, globalisation, online biographies among others.

Factors that lead to the popularity of biographies.

The following are the factors that lead to the rapid rise in the popularity of biographies around the world.

Rise of education.

Education is the best thing that happened to biography.

The rise of education is the biggest contributor to the popularity of biographies across the world.

People became enlightened with literary skills, the ability to read and write motivates and increased the number of people who are interested in reading biographies.

However, before the rise in educational level of people, biography was not very much appreciated.

Cheap printing.

The cost of printing determines the ability of people to buy more or fewer biographies printed.

Due to the expensive cost of printing biographies, only the rich and upper class were able to afford it.

The majority that are not financially stable channel their scarce resources into more pressing issues like food, shelter, clothing and health.

However, when printing became very cheap as a result of the modern method of producing massive amounts of papers at a cheaper rate, the popularity of biographies received a massive boost among the people.

Modern concept of fame.

The beginning of a new concept of fame in modern times changes the popularity and acceptance of biography from a lower percentage to a very higher percentage.

The obsession with people to know about their favourite film Actors and actresses, sports icons, writers’ and other categories of people that are now term as celebrities contributed to the popularity of biographies.

Involvement of famous writers in the genre.

Biography became very popular as a result of the involvement of famous and popular writers in to the new culture.

Some people are interested in what popular authors write about.

They will read any piece of paper as far as it is a well-known writer that produces the contents.

As such, when the literary giants of the world begin to write biographies, the lack of interest from the people disappeared, and they replaced it with interest.

The emergence of internet.

It is a well-established fact to all of us that the emergence of internet transmission changed the pattern of activities in all parts of the world.

Therefore, due to the manner in which the internet penetrates all corners of the world, people started to develop an interest in biography much more than what is obtainable before.

Internet also helps you and I to access biographic materials from the comfort of our rooms which spike the interest in reading biographies.

Mass printing.

Apart from cheap printing, mass production of printed pages in thousands helps in the creation of biographies that make it accessible to too many people.

Moreover, mass production not only help makes biography more prominent, but it also increases the ability of people in regard to improve literacy.

Emergence of multimedia Biography.

The introduction of multimedia biographies that are entirely different format from traditional biographies help in giving biographies high visibility and acceptance.

People that are less likely to buy the hardcover edition and read find it easier to use the multimedia method instead.

The Interconnectivity of the world.

As the world becomes more and more connected as a result of the internet and globalisation, the popularity of biographies keep rising due to the easy access to all materials around the world.

Moreover, the physical, distance and continental barrier to accessing biographies are totally eliminated, which makes it easier to get a biography of your choice wherever you are.

Online Biography.

Another significant factor that increases the popularity of biography is the presence of an online version of biographies that can be accessed through mobile devices, computers everywhere.

Several websites that are specifically about biographies exist.

This helps in spreading access and makes it less difficult than before.

Biography websites such as, Wikipedia and Britannica have helped in making biographies more popular.

Biography films.

Hollywood production of commercial movies showing the lives of famous people helps to make biography more interesting.

Moreover, some people prefer watching the movie form of biography than reading it from a book.

This alternative generated lots of audiences in millions around the world.


They also made biography popular through the production of documentaries about famous individuals that contributed their quota to the development of their sector, society, and the world.

You can find thousands of documentaries about important people with a few clicks on your mobile devices in a few seconds for your viewing pleasure.

Increasing literary skills.

The level of interest in learning, to read and writing is increasing day by day, even the underdeveloped countries of Africa.

Education is the key to improving everything in the world.

More people are getting enlightened every day, which means more chances of interest in reading biographies.

Revival of reading culture.

Another factor that will continue to impact positively the popularity of biography is the current campaign for the revival of reading culture amongst young people.

This campaign is gaining more acceptance and we are expecting it to improve in the next few years, which will also help increase interest in biographies.

Simplified access to biographies

The process of buying or renting a biography is becoming more and more easy every day.

Platforms and websites dedicate for this method are on the rise as a result of renewed interest from the public.

Listening apps.

You don’t need to read the biography yourself, especially in a busy world like.

That is why lots of mobile applications exist for listening to books.

Applications like kindle, audio-mark and others will read the biography for you, read the biography for you while you listen, which is very commendable.

Cryptocurrency (read to earn).

Another factor that will positively shape the future of biography is the cryptocurrency, due to introduction of a new concept called “read to earn”.

Few years ago we begin to see new innovations like play to earn, learn to earn and walk to earn as a reward system.

The introduction of a method whereby you read and get reward in cryptocurrency will change the world of biography.


The quest for leisure, relaxation and meditation is gaining ground.

People now took leisure very serious. However, the way people see it is not uniform.

Some relax by swimming or hiking while others are by reading especially interesting biographies.

Biographies gained their first popularity in 1918 when a single writer change the way and manner in which people see biographies when Lytton Strachey wrote a biography titled “eminent Victorians”.

Eminent Victorians is a biography of four leading individuals in the Victorian era.

These figures are as follows: Florence Nightingale, general Gordon Cardinal Manning and Thomas Arnold.

Lytton Strachey is the author that made biography so popular by through his famous book “eminent Victorians” published in 1918.

Steve Jobs, a biography of the founder of apple written by Isaacson in 2011, which surpassed 46 million copies worldwide.

Factors that will keep improving biographies popularity.

The following are factors that will keep the chances of making biographies more popular:

Desire for reading about celebrities.

As long as people have deep interested in their favourite celebrities, the popularity of biographies will keep improving because new celebrities will keep increasing as a result of discovery.

Factors that negatively affect the popularity of biographies.

Lack of interest among young people.

The obsession with social media sites such as Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat among others contributed to a lack of interest in reading biographies among young people.

The benefit of reading biography is long term, while using social media gives our younger ones short-term benefits that can harm them in the future.


We live in a world that is full of distractions.

These distractions are present at home, school, offices and the internet.

It negatively impacts the popularity of biographies across the world.

Decreasing attention span.

Research has established that our attention span is lesser than that of our ancestors in the past.

Therefore, due to our limited attention capacities, biographies are affected because people find it difficult to read for hours on a stretch and understand what they read.

lack of motivation.

There is absence of a reward system in reading biographies, as such people are losing interest in reading it.

Meanwhile, we can correct it if we put a system in place to motivate the biography reader

Negative impact of the economy.

When the economy is stable and improving, it gives avenue for people to engage in other activities like reading, traveling and other activities that make them happy.

On the other hand, if the economy is getting worse, the rate of people interested in reading, especially biographies, will continue to decrease as wel

Growth of movie apps like Netflix.

Movies are great, but they are not mostly healthy for the viewer.

Most viewers become obsessed with movies that prevent them from engaging in productive activities like reading biographies.

Netflix in particular has caused a lot of people to decrease the amount of time they spend on biographies

Finding an excellent biography to read is the first step that will help you in developing a strong relationship with similar books.

However, excellent biographies to read are found on amazon, reedsy, and thousands of other online stores or e-commerce websites.

You can also find biographies to read by typing on to Google search engine.

The name, genre, author or category of a biography and Google will bring out the best results for you.

You can also find excellent biographies to read by asking questions in forums like Quora, Reddit or Yahoo Answers where you will want people that will help recommend a good book for you.

The most popular biography writer alive is Walter Isaacson who was a Former of CNN and managing editor TIMES magazine.

He wrote several successful biographies such as the biographies of Henry Kissinger, Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein.

Brief history of biography.

We regard biography most of the time as a very important subset of history that owes its origin from 4th century BCE and start gaining recognition in 5th century BCE through the efforts of poets, writers and earliest scholars.

It continues to develop from classical times to medieval and to the present day biography with significant changes and transformation.

It is one of the world’s best leading source of inspiration, history and insights into the lives of successful and important people around the world.


The real reason why and how biographies become popular are as a result of:

  • The rise of education.
  • Cheap printing.
  • Modern concept of fame.
  • Emergence of internet.
  • Mass printing.
  • Interconnectivity of the world.
  • Introduction of biographical documentaries.
  • Movies and the
  • Coming of online biographies.






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