Are biographies waste of time? (15 facts explained!!).

Are biographies waste of time?
Student thinking why he is wasting his time reading biographies

Dedicating your time and energy to reading a biography that, at the end, proves to be a waste of your precious time is very painful for any individual.

Therefore, in order to avoid wasting your time in the future, we provide you with 15 good reasons why reading biographies is a total waste of time and energy.

Are biographies a waste of time?

Yes, and we have 15 important reasons to prove to you why it is a waste of your time.

They are as follows:

1. Most are not written very well.

One of the most significant issues that makes a biography a total waste of precious time is that the majority of them are not written as well as they should be by the writers.

The majority of biography and autobiography writers failed to do very detailed and proper research that would cover all aspects of the biography before it was written.

As a result of this, many readers were left dissatisfied with what they read, and instead of having an answer, they were often left with more questions at the end.

2. Favorite online resources, such as Wikipedia.

Many people would rather read biographies from Wikipedia and other online sources such as abcbiography than buy bulky books and read 330-800 page biographies.

The large number of pages and the financial constraints on buying such biographies have turned people to quickly checking online sources when they need to know the biography of an individual.

3. An overemphasis on the affluent.

Biographies give too much attention to only rich, successful people, which makes other people with average lives look like failures.

Moreover, almost the majority of the biographies focus on how someone becomes a successful business mogul, billionaire, established company, and more, which distorts the actual meaning and understanding of what success is.

Success is being content with your life, not making millions of dollars, as some biographies would have you believe.

4. Conflicting historical facts.

Biographies tend to muddle history over and over again.

Reading multiple accounts of the same issue reveals a significant disparity in the reality of events reported by different people reporting and narrating the same issue in different ways.


This often leaves readers confused about which account of an event is actually more accurate and which is not.

This inconsistency makes the whole effort of reading biographies a waste of time and energy.

5. Obsession with celebrities.

It gives celebrities a demi-god status in how they showcase them.

Most of the time, most of the time, the lives of these celebrities are not interesting at all. It is very dull. What they do is the interesting part of their lives.

6. It is difficult to begin with and difficult to complete.

Due to the bulky nature of most biographies, people always struggle to finish the biographies they start reading.

Some say it will take them weeks or even months before they can finish reading a biography.

7. It is not a success manual.

Following in the footsteps of those in the biography does not guarantee success for a variety of reasons, including changes in age, opportunities, technology, and period.

8. One person’s own version of another human being.

As a result of the biography being a version of a person by another person, many things are always left out from the reader, which are sometimes very important.

Writers of biography sometimes write from their own perspective about who the person is, what the person did, and the reasons for doing it, which can be entirely different if it is the person writing it himself.

9. Objective bias.

Most of the time, writers are not objective in reporting the actual events the way they are.

Their fear is that it will portray them in a negative way, particularly in autobiography.

Therefore, no human has enough self-awareness to objectively write about themselves without the slightest alteration of facts and events.

10. Put more emphasis on sales and revenue.

Another reason why biographies are a waste of time is the amount of attention given to selling those biographies in order to generate revenue from the buyers.

This focus on more sales and income often leaves the reader at a disadvantage.

A large sum of money is released for marketing biography publishers, and aggressive marketing is done solely for the purpose of making sales, regardless of whether the reader is satisfied or not.

11. Digging up the right information is not always accurate.

Why do people consider biographies a waste of time? Because the information a reader generates from a biography may not be reliable.

And also not accurate enough to be used for scientific research, most of the time the data is not academically reviewed and satisfied.

12. Boring.

According to a recent research, 70% of biographies are very boring to the reader.

The enthusiastic feeling a reader usually feels when reading an interesting book is mostly missing from biography.

That is why a large number of people usually find it very difficult to complete reading a biography they have started as compared to other books.

13. Self-promotion by the Author.

Writers of biography and those of autobiography share the similar problem of self-serving and self-glorification.

They tend to praise their efforts much more than they deserve, which makes readers detest reading biographies.

14. Failure should be reduced while success should be increased.

Most of the time, writers of biography tend to give less attention to the subjects’ failures, while, on the other hand, they tend to exaggerate the success story.

The lack of balance in reporting both success and failure makes the majority of readers see reading biographies as a total waste of their time.

Is the audio version of the biography a better alternative.?

Many are asking whether the audio version of a biography is better than reading the bulky, boring biography books.

It depends on your preference for any of the two, but the audio version is a little better than reading the book yourself.

In audio biography, you can save a lot of time by plugging your earpiece in and listening to another person read it for you.

You can get an audio version of the biography easily from online sources like Amazon Kindle, Audio-Mark, and other places.

Therefore, in our opinion, audio biography books are better than their book counterparts due to the ease of using them.


Whenever you hear someone asking whether biographies are a waste of time from now on, you have a better chance to educate him or her about this with verifiable reasons to back up your points of argument.

You are justified if you hate reading biographies and autobiographies because of their inconsistency.

Biographies mostly prove to be the opposite of enjoyable, educative, objective, and reliable when the aim of creating them is defeated by the writers themselves.


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