Is biography written in first person?(solved!).

Is biography written in first person?
Is biography written in first person?

For a very long time, debates have been raging on about whether a biography should be written in the first person or in the third person.

This article provides you a detailed solution to this topic that will put an end to these raging debates.

Is biography written in first person?

Yes, writing a biography (cover, resume, or CV) can be perfectly done using a first-person approach for the following reasons:

1.Bringing life to the biography.

It has been established by lots of recruiters and readers that writing a biography using a first-person approach injects life into the biography.

Also it connects emotionally more with the reader than using the third-person approach, which puts a barry distance between the person and the reader.

2.Professional Possibilities.

Using “I” and “My” in your biography gives you a more professional look with regards to why you chose your career and what you are passionate about.

It boldly helps you showcase your ambitions much more than if you use the third-person approach.

3.Knowledge and trust.

Recruiters and customers form emotional attachments to people they believe they know well, as opposed to people who appear distant to them.

Knowing the person and trusting him or her is a good factor that still gets leads and generates sales every time.

Whether a company is popular online or offline, being trustworthy and likeable always has a big impact on audience decisions.

The aim of your biography is to showcase who you are and win people’s trust in your capabilities.

Knowing and trusting is equal to sales and employment.

4.It gives you the opportunity to sell yourself.

Writing a biography in the first paragraph gives you the opportunity to sell yourself confidently and directly to the recruiter or potential customer.

It provides the recruiter with your actual capability, your desire for improvement, and an opportunity to see what he or she stands to gain if you are engaged or employed by them.

5.The appearance is natural.

It is more natural if you can write your biography in the first person and that of others in the third person.

If you are being used as a scribe or being dictated to by another person, the best way is to ask the person in which way he prefers it to appear, either the first or third person.

This is as a result of the biography not being yours.

6.Best suited for professional statements.

The first-person approach is regarded as the best for professional statements such as resumes, curriculum vitae (CVs), and profiles.

This is because the first person poses a more powerful tense and displays confidence and knowledge much more than the third person’s approach.

It is always “better” to write your professional bio in the first person rather than the third person. It should be written in the first or third person, depending on where it is used.

7.Distance layer dispositions.

Using first person removes the layer of distance between the person being described in third person and the reader.

Moreover, the first-person approach gives the reader a closer understanding of the subject than the barrier created by third parties.

For example, a person telling you his own story directly is more appreciated than if the story is told entirely by another person.

8.Share your story.

First person thrusts into your hands the ability to concisely tell your own story to the listener (recruiter), addressing all areas that need to be addressed differently than when you sent someone to tell it on your behalf.

Furthermore, a first-person approach is like selling yourself directly, while a third-party approach is like sending a representative. You can market yourself better.

9.It connects you more to the reader.

When you’re selling something, it’s often more important to create a direct connection with that person, establish trust, and then, from there, engage in persuasive speech.

It might be for a product, an idea, or a person, such as yourself.

Reasons why the third person is preferable to the first person.

 1.Less conceited.

By writing your professional biography in third person instead of first person, your appearance, the way you advertise your skills and achievements to the reader, becomes less conceited.

As a result of this, you will likely generate likeability from the reader before they meet you one-on-one.

2. It allows focus.

It allows the reader to focus on the two most important issues: what makes you special and different and your overall achievements in your chosen career.

3.Increase your marketing efforts.

It helps prospective employers see how professional, skilled, and fit for the job you are without you saying it, which can be perceived as bragging and self-glorification.

4.Emotional Aspect.

Emotionally, people enjoy reading content that is written in a third-person format more than the first-person approach.

5.Display of Arrogance.

Writing a biography in the first person most of the time appears self-centered and arrogant.

As a third person, you can praise yourself and brag about your accomplishments without appearing cocky and arrogant.

6.Makes an excellent first impression.

Writing your biography in third-person format gives you more value and creates the impression of a very important person that is respected in their chosen career.


It gives the appearance that an important person is introducing you to others, but you are the one who is, in reality, doing it directly by yourself.

8.Presentation of Achievements.

When your accomplishment is presented through the eyes of others, it is more regarded than when you are the one doing it.

Therefore, using the third-person approach to writing a biography will equip you with this advantage.

9.Recruiter’s preference.

Recruiters prefer third-person approaches more so that during evaluations they don’t have to rewrite them again.

The more work they have to do before they can hire you, the less chance you have of getting selected.

Recruiters, especially human resources divisions in organizations, have lots of things to do other than get caught with potential employee resume problems.

10. Suitable for publications.

The third-person writing format is more suitable for publications such as books, journals, and research papers, among others.

11. It displays a full schedule.

It demonstrates the person as a busy individual, doing more important things than merely writing his biography.

Between first and third person, what does the research say?

A survey conducted by The New College of Humanities in London found almost half of 864 hiring managers stated they actively dislike third-person profiles, putting them firmly in the top 10 of CV “hates”.

Consider that a similar percentage did not state they actively dislike first-person profiles (or else that too would have been in the top 10 hates) and it is pretty clear which is the better way to write your profile.

Is a biography sketch in third person possible?

This depends on your personal preference.

However, the common practice for a long time was to write perfectly in third person. Another is to make it appear as if someone is writing for you rather than you are writing for yourself.

You can also, on the other hand, perfectly use the first-person writing approach.

All the two approaches boil down to either of the following:

  • Preference.
  • Occasion.
  • Your place of work or where you are applying to.

It all works perfectly if you can craft very good content describing yourself to the reader.

This article provides you with the most detailed explanation on which of the two between first person and third person is better.

It also equipped you with a research that was conducted to arrive at that conclusion.


From all the above facts, this article have established clearly that, you can use first person in writing a biography and the reasons behind it, and you have also seen, on the other hand, reasons why, in some cases, writing in third person is preferable.

Therefore, the question “is biography written in first person?”  This has been clearly with verified facts backed by surveys answered to the best of our ability.










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