Is a credible source? (17 facts explained!)

Is a credible source?

Is a credible source? This is a question on the minds of many people, particularly students who don’t want to waste their time and effort in something that is not credible.

In this article, we are going to discuss all issues concerning, particularly on its credibility and reliability to researchers, students and the public.

Is a credible source? is a credible source of biography to millions of people around the world because of the quality of the contents, editorial team, constant updates, following search engine guideline and fast user experience.

Why is considered credible?

  1. Accurate information.
  2. Factual reports.
  3. Credible editors.
  4. Emphasis on people with credible and verifiable record.
  5. Weeding out opinions.
  6. Absence of boosterism.
  7. Reliance on both primary and secondary data.
  8. No search engine penalties.
  9. Reliable parent company.
  10. High citation.
  11. Good user experience.
  12. Millions of monthly visitors.
  13. Well-known credibility.
  14. Good formating style.
  15. Latest news about celebrities.
  16. Broad covered.
  17. Provision of categories.
  18. Most popular YouTube channel.
  19. Thousands of newsletter subscribers.

1. Accurate information.

When looking for credible sources, accuracy of the information should be your number one major target.

In this aspect, tops the list of all sources in delivering accurate information daily.

This creates trust between the user and because 90% percent of the information in the site is accurate and trustworthy.

However, academic researchers still see it as semi authority only because of its affiliation with profit making entities.

2. Factual reports.

Nothing cause a decrease in the source’s credibility than reports that when subjecting a report to verification and finding it inaccurate.

Factual and balance reports are the strongest pillars of allocates a significant amount of money and time in making sure that all informations on the website has zero issues regarding factuality.

3. Credible editors.

Another factor that adds to the credibility and reliability of is the quality of their respective editorial team.

Editors in are credible.

They have impressive record of success, hard work and dedication in both their current positions and the positions they occupy in the past.

Moreover, having credible editors that are well known across the editing world adds more value, trustworthy, credibility and acceptance to the users.

4. Emphasis on people with credible and verifiable record. has a robust policy of laying strong emphasis on people whose records is easily accessible to the reader than those with shady or unverifiable information.

By relying solely upon people that they have accurate data on, saves itself from the possibility of documenting informations that is questionable and shady from the eyes of the public.

This simple decision is the reasons millions of audience are trooping to the website in search of information daily because they have an assurance that what they are going to find is factual, balance and without bias.

5. Weeding out opinions.

Opinions by different individuals are not a fact that you can rely on when looking for accurate information about a particular individual.

Knowing this important factor, could improve its reliability by removing and refusing to accept any form of opinion in doing its clarity check on individuals.

Accepting opinions in place of facts is always dangerous and insensitive because it can lead to victimisation of people and misleading the public, which can damage the reputation of individuals, companies and the biography itself.

6. Absence of boosterism. has steered clear away from any act of promotion of persons, city, region or anything to boost the popularity, awareness, and perception of the people.

The strict standard against any act of boosterism puts in an influential position of credibility ahead of many of its rivals.

The sophistication and integrity of is far more important than engaging in any act of boosterism.

Moreover, the staff and editorial team of is multicultural to warrant such activities.

7. Reliance on both primary and secondary data.

Sourcing out credible information that will help in making a person’s biography absence of error is very important to

As such, it relies heavily on both primary and secondary data to create contents that can stand against scrutiny.

This sound decision to use both primary and secondary data sources adds credibility and acceptance of the biography to many individuals and organisations.

8 No search engine penalties.

Search engines like Google, bing, yandex, DuckDuckGo among others, have a strong policy against misinformation, falsehood and any act that can cause harm to the public.

However, many years after the creation of and publishing of thousands of contents, it has no single issue of violating search engines rules and has not been found wanting that will lead to penalties.

This alone is a sign of credibility to that despite the huge number of contents that they are still producing and updating, no issues of violations has arise at all.

9. Reliable parent company.

50-50 ownership by Hearst communications and the Walt Disney company gives a boost to the credibility of as a reliable source of information.

The two parent companies have a long history of credibility, original content, and trustworthiness.

10. High citation.

Citation and referencing from other websites, articles, research papers, books to another content is a credibility pointer and a sign of higher value and quality. has over the years been receiving millions of links, citation and references from millions of audiences, businesses, students and researchers across the world.

This massive citation can only happen when the information is found credible, original, trustworthy and factual.

Therefore is to remain the number one citation point apart from books by the public.

11. Good user experience.

User experience and easy navigation through a website is a sign of high value, reliability, and importance. has to be developing a unique way of improving user experience to their readers by optimising the speed, quality of information, images, videos and readability so that the reader will find it easy to use.

This adds more value to, improves its ranking in search engines and generates more traffic to the website on a daily Basis.

12. Millions of monthly visitors.

Millions of people visiting a single website on a monthly basis is a clear pointer to how credible the website is.

After all, millions of people cannot spend their valuable time and resources visiting a website with questionable credentials and unverifiable information. has been consistently receiving and satisfying the queries of millions of people every single month for some years now and the traffic is increasing daily because of the content quality and editorial integrity.

13. Well known credibility.

If you want to know how credible is among people, ask for the most reliable and go to sites for biography.

It will surprise you to see that above ninety percent will put among the world best five for biographies.

They have achieved this position because of hardwork, deep research skills, dedication, attention to details, learning and developing a consistent habit of performance.

Meanwhile, only a few people can spend several years trying to get things done without giving up when the going gets tough.

14. Good format style.

The format of structuring information which is using is unique, easy and good for the user. develops a very good format of structuring its contents to satisfy the user’s intents quick.

This helps in making more people interested in compared to what is obtainable in the past.

15. Latest news about celebrities.

Looking for the hottest and latest news about celebrities? should be your best option of getting such news without time wasting.

All the latest news about celebrities and important persons can be easily accessible to you if you are using’s website or application.

This pitch the credibility high among the generality of biography lovers.

15. Broad coverage.

Over the years, has to develop a method of improving its coverage to cater for the yearnings of its readers.

It develops a method of satisfying those that find reading more interesting by providing them with better contents.

Meanwhile, at the same time helping those audiences whose interests are watching videos through the provision of both videos and articles.

Only a credible source will, like will spend time and resources trying to satisfy the needs of its audience.

16. Provision of categories.

Navigating through will give you joy because of the ease with which you can achieve it.

Many websites have a crappy and confusing navigation method and categories that leave a reader in confusion because of the absence of proper organisation. improves its credibility by allocating different categories for different purposes that are easy to understand, navigate and extract informations.

This puts ahead of all its competitors in terms of credibility, popularity, brand awareness and acceptance.’s credibility, trustworthiness and popularity skyrocket because of having a dedicated YouTube channel with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and more than a million watch hours.

18. Thousands of newsletter subscribers.

The number of people whose subscribe to a weekly newsletter is a positive credibility ranking to a website. has more than half a million newsletter subscribers that receive notification on a weekly basis through their email addresses.

When was created?

David L. Wolper created in July 1962 because of his desire to see credible biographies of important people in the world.

The channel later has a transfer of ownership to the famous A&E networks in 1987.

It has successfully witnessed several transition in operations and objectives over the years which shapes what it is today.

Why was biography channel created?

To serve as number one go to channel for biographies of notable individuals through syndication and televised shows that will help in spreading credible knowledge to American citizens.

Who are editors?

Kim Messina

Was a graduate of journalism from Rutgers university and is one editor of for over three years.

She is an experienced digital content producer, writer and editor with over 15 years working in entertainment and media.

The New York city metropolitan area is where she is currently living.

She is currently a senior editor in LikeMind.

Barbara Maranzani

Is an award-winning Freelance Writer, Editor and Content Strategist.

She is a graduate of Fordham University, living in New York, United States.

Barbara has a passion for storytelling across platforms.

She also has over 15 years experience producing award-winning content for television networks, digital platforms, educational partners, museums and non-profit institutions.

Caroline Redmond

Is a graduate of telecommunications from university of Florida.

Currently, she is an Associate Producer at A+E Networks, with over 6 years experience in many capacities.

She is an editor, producer and writer with experience creating content for digital, print, social media and CMS platforms.

Her current residence is New York, United States.

Apart from the above editorial team members, there are several other professional editors, content writers and historians that constantly update contents and ensure strict adherence to quality for all new contents before publishing.

Is a good source?

It depends on what you want to use it for.

Academic researchers in tertiary institutions consider it as semi authority due to lack of provision of external references.

However, is a wonderful source of use in searching for credible biographies of individuals and getting firsthand information about celebrities.

Is profit oriented? allows advertisement on its platform and grant third parties the ability to do the same subject to terms and conditions.

This appearance of ads alone makes it a profit oriented website which generates revenues from such ads displayed.

Is updated from time to time?

Updating information is important in other to include additional facts and details that will make the biography comprehensive. carries out periodic updates from time to time base on needs.

Some biographies may require immediate update before the date set aside for the update because of certain conditions.

When was the last time updated?

Updating biographies is set aside is every 6 months.

This means that after every six months, thousands of biographies in its database will be reviewed and updated to make it more accurate, and trustworthy.

For this year the last update is 9th of July.

How many biographies does it contained?

There are over ten thousand biographies across both video and written contents comprising people from all walks of life.

The rivals to biography,com

The following are the closest rivals: in terms of organic traffic, rankings, keywords to this website.



Advantages of

  • Super fast.
  • Easy to access information.
  • Authoratativeness.
  • Dedicated audience.
  • Quality editorial team.

Disadvantages of

  • Profit oriented.
  • Scepticism from academics.
  • Lack of references.
  • Slow updates.
  • Celebrity centric.

Conclusion. is a credible source of information to millions of people around the world because of the quality of its contents, editorial team, constant updates and fast user experience.


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