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Sandra Cisneros
Biography of Sandra Cisneros

Hello!!, You are in the right place so don’t worry, here is the most comprehensive biography of Sandra Cisneros covering every aspect of her life and also giving You extra unknown information.

Sandra Cisneros is a Chicago born American writer, born in 20th, December 1954. She is a highly celebrated and famous writer with several awards and Books published to her credit. The most famous of her Books is “The house on mango street”.

Brief bio:

Name:  Sandra Cisneros.

Date of Birth: December, 20 1954.

Age: 68.

Gender: Female.

Occupation: writer, poet, teacher.

Nationality: American.

Parents: Mr Alfredo Cisneros de moral and Mrs Elvira Cordero Anguiano.

Husband: None.

Children: None.


Schools attended: Loyola University, University of Iowa, Josephinum academy high school.

Early life:

Sandra Cisneros was born in Chicago on 20th December 1954. Her early life is a mixture of experiences that shape and mould her into a writer. As an only daughter out of seven children born by Mr. and Mrs. Cisneros, left Sandra feeling out of place and isolated in the whole family coupled with the fact of constant migration by her family between United States and Mexico due to her father’s occupation as an upholsterer.

These constant changes always lead to Houses and school changes that disrupt and affect her childhood.

Sandra and her brothers attended several schools as a result of constant migration. These affect their chances of making friends and smooth school career.

Feeling of loneliness as a child:

Sandra’s childhood is affected by the feeling of loneliness as a result of being the only female in the midst of six brothers who always pair themselves into to two which always left her alone with no one to play with, which according to an interview she granted few years ago that the action made her feel displaced and destabilized her childhood.


Sandra Cisneros attended several schools in her early age due to constant migration from place to place till the moment she graduate from Josephinum academy high school. She also attended the following Tertiary institutions:

Bachelors of art degree in English from Loyola University in 1976. She also obtained a master of fine arts degree from the University of Iowa in 1978. This gives her the edge, sophistication and mastery of writing compelling, breathtaking, and educative and value laden Books that helps in entertaining and educating millions of people in United States of America and other people around the world.

Professional career:

Sandra Cisneros have had an amazing professional career that span several years and helps in turning around the lives of several hundreds of people from negative to positive, that is the reason why people are interested in knowing the biography of Sandra Cisneros.

She is a professional writer, a poet, a teacher and an administrator with track records of achievements.

Works for sometime in Pilsen and Little Village which are schools located in majority Mexican neighborhoods, in Chicago. She also thought and help in influencing the turning around the lives of high school dropouts at Latino Youth high school in Chicago.

From 1983 she went back to her alma mater, Loyola University, Chicago employed as an administrative assistant.

Sandra published her most successful Book the House on Mango Street in 1984 which open doors for her to secure several positions of writer-in-residence posts at several universities in the United States and beyond.

She also engaged in teaching creative writing at institutions higher learning such as the University of Berkeley, Michigan and the University of California. The professional writer Sandra was later on given an appointment as a writer-in-residence at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas which is a very prestigious institution across the world.

Cisneros in her professional career has also worked as a college recruiter to several colleges around the United States and an arts administrator in few others.


Sandra Cisneros have parents and six brothers who are doing well for themselves and their families.


Sandra is not involved in any relationship and vowed to remain single for the rest of Her life. She said she chooses Books rather than having babies and she is very happy with her choice which she made any years ago.


No children and not having the intention to have at all.

Husband:  Not married in her entire life and vow to remain like that for the rest of her life.

Volunteer work/Charity:

Sandra Cisneros founded Macondo foundation in 1998 and also Alfaredo Cineros del moral foundation in 2000.

The Macondo foundation was established in 1998 for the sole aim of facilitating the Macondo Writers Workshop, which provides socially conscious workshops for writers in united state and around the globe.

Also in 2000 she founded the Alfredo Cisneros Del Moral Foundation, which awards talented writers connected to Texas grants and other necessary tools to help them succeed in their chosen writing career.

Cisneros was also a co-founder of the Annual Texas Small Bookfair, known as the forerunner to the Inter-American Bookfair. She is involved in several community activities that help in shaping future writers and foster unity and development in several communities.


Sandra Cisneros was influenced by several prominent writers and events which shape her life and career in writing. Prominent amongst them is the feeling of loneliness as a child when she was growing up and her mother Elvira who was a widely read person that is interested in reading several Books and encourages Sandra to do the same.

Those two are the biggest influence in the life and career of Sandra Cisneros.

10 most famous Books by Sandra Cisneros:

  • House on Mango street(1983).
  • Woman hollering creek and other stories (1991).
  • Have You seen Marie (2012).
  • Vintage Cisneros (2004).
  • The scribner anthology of contemporary short fiction
  • A house of my own: stories from my life (2015).
  • My wicked wicked ways (1987).
  • Caramelo (2002).
  • Hairs/ pelitors (1994).
  • Loose woman: poems (1994).

Net worth:

Sandra Cisneros is considered a veteran in the literary industry having spent decades writing amazing Books some have been best sellers during their peak periods.

As at 2022 Cisneros estimated net worth stand as $2 million dollars, most of this revenue are through royalties, writing and other activities that Sandra Cisneros is engaged in performing. She also spent a significant amount of her income into charitable projects including financing her two foundations that is daily improving the lives of many upcoming writers across the United States.

Current works:

Cisneros is currently engaged in several activities such as mentoring future writers, looking after her two foundations ( macondo foundation and Alfredo cisnesros del moral foundation), relaxing and is on the verge of writing new inspiring Books to be released within this year to the public.

Countries visited:

Sandra Cisneros visited several countries in the over 5 decades of her writing career. Below are the most prominent countries listed in no particular other:

Mexico, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Brazil, United States of America.

Awards received:

  • National Endowment for the art fellowship award.
  • Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories  was awarded the PEN Center West Award for Best Fiction of l99l.
  • Ford Foundation art of change fellowships 2017.
  • The Quality Paperback Book Club New Voices Award.
  • Lifetime achiever award in Chicana literature.
  • the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award.
  • the Lannan Foundation Literary Award.
  • Selected as a noteworthy book of the year by The New York Times.
  • Defoe Columbus foundation award for American Book of the year in 1985.
  • The American Library Journal book of the year award.
  • Nominated Best Book of Fiction for l99l by The Los Angeles Times.
  • MacArthur genius grant for Best Book of the year.
  • The Mountains & Plains Booksellers’ Award.
  • Notable book of the year by several journals across the globe.


Sandra Cisneros is not shy of expressing her own opinion about issues even if such opinions is against the stand of majority in the society.

In 1990 during an important interview, Cisneros generated a lot of reactions across the globe with many in support and many opposing on the other hand.

When asked about why she is not yet married despite achieving success in her choosing career, she replied that why she was never married because she has never seen a marriage that is as happy as her living alone, writing her Books, reading and relaxing. She said her writing career is her child and she will continue to take care allowing any distraction to affect it.

Sandra Cisneros also emphasized in many interviews later that she is happy to remain single writing her books and living her life without allowing societal prejudices into it.

Top 10 Famous quotes of Sandra Cisneros:

  1. “We do this because the world we live in is a house on fire and the people we love are burning.”
  2. “I’ve put up with too much, too long, and now I’m just too intelligent, too powerful, too beautiful, too sure of who I am finally to deserve anything.”
  3. “Hispanic is English for a person of Latino origin who wants to be accepted by the white status quo. ‘Latino’ is the word we have always used for ourselves.”
  4. “The more you speak more languages, the more you understand about yourself. It’s like being blind. You aren’t less of a person, but you’re missing out on wonderful things.”
  5. “My feminism is humanism, with the weakest being those who I represent, and that includes many beings and life forms.”
  6. “I always tell people that I became a writer not because I went to school but because my mother took me to the library. I wanted to become a writer so I could see my name in the card catalog.”
  7. “I am obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her skin.”
  8. “It takes a long time for women to feel it’s alright to be chingona. To aspire to be a chingona!, You are saying, ‘This is my camino, this is my path and I’m gonna follow it, regardless of what culture says.’ I don’t think the church likes chingonas. I don’t think the state likes chingonas.! And fathers definitely do not like chingonas. And boyfriends don’t like chingonas. But, you know, I remain optimistic. I will meet a man who likes a chingona, one day. One day, my chingon will come.”
  9. “You can never have too much sky . You can fall asleep and wake up drunk on sky, and sky can keep you safe when you are sad. Here there is too much sadness and not enough sky. Butterflies too are few and so are flowers and most things that are beautiful. Still, we take what we can get and make the best of it.”
  10. “I wanted to write something in a voice that was unique to who I was. And I wanted something that was accessible to the person who works at Dunkin Donuts or who drives a bus, someone who comes home with their feet hurting like my father, someone who is busy and has too many children, like my mother.”

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Is Sandra Cisneros bilingual?

Yes, she grew up speaking two different languages without knowing that they are not the same. She speaks Spanish to her father, while English to her mother. In fact as at this moment she can fluently speak 4 different languages.

  1. What inspired Sandra Cisneros?

She drew her inspiration from her mother Elvira, Mexican and southwest popular culture and from personal experience.

  1. What is Cisneros perspective on growing up poor?

She perceives her neighborhood as akin to a war zone due to abject poverty and dilapidation rampant the residential area inhabited by majority people from Puerto Rico. Another reason is the availability of empty unoccupied buildings that usually end up making her lonely.

  1. What are Cisneros hobby?

She is very passionate and always fell elated visiting concerts, interacting with artist visiting art museums and art exhibitions.

  1. Was Sandra Cisneros a feminist?

Yes, she classified herself as a feminist while also encouraging other woman to do the same and join in advocating feminism.

  1. Who where Cisneros sibling?

They are six, namely Carlos, Armando, Mario, Alfredo jnr, Henry and Arthur.

  1. How many siblings does Sandra Cisneros have?

Six brothers.

  1. How old is Cisneros?

68 years old.

  1. What is Sandra Cisneros favorite color?

Her favorite color after extensive research is found to be purple.

  1. Who are Cisneros parents?

They are Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Cisneros de Moral and Elvira Cordero Anguiano.

  1. What effect those constant moving of her family have on Her?

The events turned her to an extremely shy girl, feeling of loneliness, having few friends and detesting her home.

  1. Is esperenzaa Sandra Cisneros?

Yes, the story revolves around her childhood experience.

  1. Where and when was Cisneros born?

Born 20th December 1954(68 years old), in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

  1. Is there really a house on Mango Street?

Yes, number 1525 N. Campbell Avenue where she lives before migrating to another place.

  1. Why Sandra Cisneros wrote the house on the mango street?

For the purpose of simplifying reading for both rich and poor, educated and non educated without feeling overwhelmed, outclassed or intimidation.

Conclusion of biography of Sandra Cisneros:

The biography of Sandra Cisneros is indeed full of lessons to learn, reflect and motivate others into engaging in writing activities that may uplift their status and make achievement of their dreams a reality. What was your childhood like? And what do you think about this biography of Sandra Cisneros? Feel free to drop your comments and suggestions we will be free to answer it.


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