18 Differences between biography sketch and biography

Differences between biography sketch and biography
18 Differences between biography sketch and biography

Spotting the difference between a biography sketch and a biography is difficult for both students and other people interested in learning.

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18 Differences between a biography and biography sketch.

1. A biography sketch is brief, while a biography is lengthy and comprehensive.

2. A biographical sketch avoids personal life issues, while a biography covers all aspects without exception.

3. A biography sketch presents the person in a positive light, while a biography bares it all.

4. A biographical sketch highlights key events and achievements, while a biography highlights and explains both disappointments and successes.

5. Word count limitation.

6. It takes a few minutes to write, months or years.

7. Professional editing requirements.

8. Lower and higher chance of legal action.

9. Easy to remember, difficult to forget.

10. Chances of boredom.

11. It can be copyrighted. It can’t.

12. free, costly.

13. Easy to access, difficult to access.

14. The impact is not severe, but the damage is severe.

15. Intensive and simple research process.

16. amateur, professional writing.

17. Purpose of usage.

18. Brief CV, life history.

1. A biography sketch is brief, while a biography is lengthy and comprehensive.

The biography sketch is very brief.

A single page is enough to show a person’s professional skills, achievements, awards and educational attainments.

While in biography, this action will take hundreds of pages to explain.

Much more attention is paid in biography to explaining things than in a biography sketch.

2. A biography sketch avoids discussing personal issues, whereas a biography covers all aspects without exception.

In a biography sketch, any individual issue is not included. Issues like court cases, divorces, convictions, awards, and sexual orientation are not needed.

In biography, on the other hand, these issues will be addressed, along with explanations for why and how they occurred.

3.biography sketch presents the person in a positive light, while biography bares it all.

The aim of a biography is to show the positive side of the person only.

While in a biography, the positive and negative sides of the person will be shown to the reading public.

Attention is not given to whether that action will give the person positive or negative publicity.

4. The biography sketch emphasizes key events and accomplishments, whereas the biography emphasizes and explains both failures and successes.

Only important achievements are mentioned in a biography sketch compared to a biography that mentions the achievements and many failures of the person.

5. Word counts limitations.

A biography sketch has a limit regarding the number of words to be used.

Since it is always brief, a maximum of 1000 words is the ideal length for a biography sketch.

While biography has no word count limitation, It can be as much as a hundred thousand word count.

6. It takes a few minutes to write, but it could take months or years.

Writing a biography sketch can be done in a matter of minutes.

A biography sketch can be done in a few minutes after researching all the necessary information.

Unlike a biography, which is longer and can take several weeks, months, or even years before it can be completed.

7. Professional editing requirements.

A biography sketch does not require the services of a professional editor to look into it.

This exception saves time, energy, and resources.

A biography needs the services of a professional editor and sometimes a lawyer in order to edit the biography, remove mistakes, and ensure it meets the legal standard before publishing.

Biography sketches care less about details, which saves them from possible legal cases that may arise as a result of the facts in the details.

Meanwhile, biographies that deal with those details have a higher possibility of making mistakes that will throw them into legal battles.

9. Easy to remember, difficult to forget.

As a result of the brief nature of the biographical sketch, it is easy to remember all the details captured inside, unlike in the biography, which consists of several pages.

Also, a biography sketch on a single piece of paper can be remembered or even memorized easier and faster than a biography, which normally consists of sixty-five to hundred and twenty thousand words on several pages.

10. Chances of boredom.

Reading biographies have more chances of getting bored than when reading a biography sketch.

The factors that influence this are because one is few or single page apiece while the other is very bulky.

As we all know, biography sketch cannot be subjected to copyright laws except on very rare occasions, but biographies are subjected to copyright laws.

12. Free, costly.

Writing a biography sketch will not cost you a cent, while, on the other hand, writing a biography can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars in expenses.

13. easy to access, hard to access.

Getting access to a biographical sketch is very easy compared to getting a published biography of the person.

Biographies usually cost between $17 and $35 on Amazon and other bookstores, which is costly and impacts finances.

14. The impact was not severe, but the damage was severe.

When a mistake is made in writing a biography sketch, the impact and consequences are not as damaging and severe as those of a biography.

Biographies that are published with mistakes can cost printing, shipping, and recall profit losses in an attempt to correct the mistake.

Moreover, when it involves litigation, a court of justice can order the payment of huge sums of money as damages to the person.

15. intensive research, simple research process.

Conducting research on biography sketch writing is super easy in comparison to that of a biography, which is very intensive.

In a biography, interviews, publications, diaries, records from the archives, and travels to different locations for information are necessary for a biography to be factual and accurate.

16. Amateur, professional writing.

A biography sketch can be written by both professionals and amateurs, while a biography, on the other hand, can be written by professionals only.

17. Purpose of usage.

The purpose of writing a sketch biography is generally for official use, while a biography is written for public or unofficial consumption.

Suffice it to say, in the official profile of both private and public organisations, the biography sketch is the standard, not the biography itself.

18. Brief CV, Life History.

A biography sketch is the shortest version of the curriculum vitae of an individual, while a biography, on the other hand, is the entire life story of an individual.

Things not to include in a sketch biography

  • Personal issues.
  • Accomplishments.
  • Above 3 paragraphs.
  • Length of paragraphs.

1. Personal issues.

Personal issues should not be included at all in a biography sketch.

Issues such as scandals, convictions, current litigation, romantic affairs, and divorce should not be mentioned in a sketch.

Moreover, other things like titles, honorary awards, and fabricated achievements should also be removed from a biography sketch.

2. Accomplishments.

Achievements recorded by the individual in the course of a professional or educational career should not be included in a sketch biography in order to make it too long.

3. Above 3 paragraphs.

A sketch biography is supposed to be very brief and concise.

All the information should be summarised preferably in no more than three short paragraphs.

Things not to include in the biography.

  • False information.
  • Confidential information.
  • Repetitions.
  • Fluff.
  • Things that can cause a breach of security.

1. False information

Any information that is not verified and found to be accurate should not be included in a biography.

As such, biography is not fiction.

Therefore, any imagination, subjectivity, and fabrications should be kept outside of a biography.

2. Protected information

All information that is obtained in confidence through interviews, diaries, and secret files should not be disclosed in the biography as it is against the law in the

United States and other countries.

3. Repetitions

It is highly prohibited to use unnecessary repetition of events, facts, narratives, and pictorial evidence to make the biography bigger.

4. Things that can cause a breach of security.

Any information that can cause harm to the subject or a relative of the subject should be excluded from a biography.

This is to ensure their safety and to avoid legal implications that may arise as a result of a security breach or threats because of the information.

Length of a biography sketch.

The length of a biography sketch should not be more than a maximum of 1000 words. This is to ensure that only the required details are captured.

Length of a biography.

The average length of a biography is between sixty-five and a hundred and ten thousand words (65,000–110,000 words).

However, the most important factor to consider in writing a biography is how comprehensively the subject’s life is covered.

Importance of a biography sketch.

  1. Summarize information.
  2. Professional outlook.
  3. It creates a good first impression.
  4. Minimize time-wasting.

1. summarize information.

One of the most important objectives of a biography sketch is to summarize information for employers, potential clients, and the general public.

2. Professional outlook.

It gives a professional angle of appearance to the person.

By displaying only the most important basic informations, all unnecessary informations that don’t add value to the professionalism of the person is removed.

3. It creates good first impression.

It is a verified fact that first impressions in professional life, relationships, and perception matter a lot.

Therefore, a biography sketch helps in projecting a good first impression that will last longer in the mind of the reader.

4. Minimize time waste.

Most people testify to the fact that time is indeed money.

Biography sketch minimised the valuable time to be spend into the barest minimum by providing a brief information.

Importance of biography.

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It contains the most comprehensive and accurate answers in the entire world wide web.

Who should write a biography sketch?

Any person who has knowledge and writing skills can write a biography sketch apart from the subject himself.

It must be someone else who should write the biography sketch except in rare circumstances.

When someone else writes the biography sketch, he or she removed altogether the possibility of bias, subjectivity and fabricated accomplishments.

Common mistakes in a biography sketch.

  • Provision of explanations.
  • Presentation of unverified information.
  • Exaggerations.
  • Length.

1. Provision of explanations.

It should not make explanations of any information mentioned in a sketch biography.

Sketch biography has no room for explanations, only biography can do that.

2. Presentation of unverified information.

Any unverified information that cannot be accessed when needed has no place in the sketch biography at all.

If such happened, doubt will arise in the minds of either the investor, client, customer or potential employer as to the reliability and integrity of the person.

3. exaggerations.

Do not exaggerate the ability of the person.

If it is discovered, consequences are terrible and have a long termed effect on future career progression.

4. Length.

It is important not make a sketch biography long. Write it as short as possible.

Do not put any additional information, facts or numbers that are not needed.

Is a sketch biography necessary?

Yes, biography sketch is very necessary in other to be regarded as a professional that can deliver the task when needed.

Do I need permission before writing a biography sketch?.

Yes. In other to avoid any court case off from the subject or representatives of the subject, you must seek permission first.

You must verify all information that you want to use in other to avoid a case of libel, slander or tarnishing the subject’s image.

Advantages of biography sketch.

  • Saves reading time.
  • Minimum efforts.
  • Provide facts for storytelling.
  • Source of inspiration.
  • Appreciate accomplishments.
  • Gives an overview of the subject’s life.

°Saves reading time.

Biography sketch saves the time of the reader.

It minimises the timeframe by providing a very brief alternative.

°Minimum effort.

The effort needed for a biography sketch is very short and reduced to the barest minimum.

They can assess biography sketch within a five minutes timeframe.

°Provide facts for storytelling.

The facts provided in a biography sketch can create a story with hundreds of pages.

Only facts are giving which can turn into a great story if expanded.

°Source of inspiration.

By reading the sketch of other people who excel in their careers, inspiration will be generated and developed very easily.

Appreciate accomplishments.

Reading biography sketch of others will and seeing how far they have gone in developing themselves will give the reader the ability to recognised their efforts.

People always appreciate and value the hard work of individuals.

°Gives an overview of the subject’s life.

Biography sketch gives an overall overview of the subject’s.

It covers from family, birth to the present moment if alive or to the moment of demise.

Disadvantages of a sketch biography.

  • Vague infomation.
  • Human aspect neglected.
  • Interactions denied.

Vague infomation.

The information in a biographical sketch is not adequate.

Many aspects of the subject’s that can give the reader the ability to understand the person better are excluded.

Information that can aid decision-making effort the reader is non-existent.

Human aspect neglected.

It focuses too much attention on the achievements while neglecting the person behind the achievements.

Talented individuals are neglected and abandoned when their sketch is not glowing with achievements.

Interactions denied.

When people read a biographical sketch, it is solely between them and the sketch, the reader not not interact with the individual behind them can.

Writing biography sketch, myself or others?

Writing a biography can be possible for anybody else but not the owner.

If the owner decided to write it by himself, it is no longer a biography sketch but rather an autobiographical sketch.


Biography and sketch biography have differed in many ways that often leave people confused because of the closer relationship between them.

Those differences consists of length, purpose, necessity, arrangement and other key differences that are not easy to identify.








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