Do biographies expire? (11 amazing facts for you!)

Do biographies expire
Do biographies expire

Many products reminds us that most of the things in this world have an expiry date. However, whether or not biographies expire contributed a lot in making people have sleepless nights.

In this article, we are going to see if biographies expire and the solutions when we discover errors in a biography.

Do biographies expire?

Contrary to books in other genres, biographies don’t expire because of their focus on actual truths, unchangeability of facts contain in it, serving as historical reference, the ability to remain relevant among other reasons we are going to discuss in this article. 

Reasons biographies don’t expire.

  • They are fact based on truth which cannot change.
  • Additional evidence only comes to support them.
  • They are historical reference points.
  • They are contestable.
  • We can change the life of the subject.
  • Truths don’t expire but can change.
  • It can only lose value and relevance.
  • The subject is long gone.
  • It can lose readership but it is still relevant.
  • Books on other activities like technology can expire but not Biography.
  • Forgetting a biography is not an expiration.

They are fact based on truth which cannot change.

Biographies are based on the fact in the life of an individual that has no questionable reliability and acceptance or all people interested in learning the truth.

These facts are unchangeable because they are the actual evidence of happening in the past therefore, they cannot expire.

Expiration will only occur if the fact changes in the subject’s life.

However, since the subject is long gone, and the truth does not expire, biographies will continue existing until infinity.

There are biographies that lasted for more than a thousand years because historical facts are unchangeable.

New evidence only comes to support them.

Evidence is the backbone of biographies and, as the tradition with other literature, we used to discover recent evidences and facts not included in the biography of a person many years after it’s been published.

However, this will not signify that the biography reached the stage of expiration rather, it supports the evidence of its reliability even if it was published a hundred years ago.

Fresh evidences are discovered so that we will add them to the previous ones in other to get more information that will help us as readers.

 They are historical reference points.

Biographies do not expire because they serve as a point of reference to history.

Biographies can only expire if history can be easily changed or altered to suit the preference of those that feel bad about certain actions.

However, biographies cannot expire because historical evidences do not no matter the number of years they are existing from.

Therefore, you can see biography expiring if our own history will also expire, which is categorically impossible.

They are contestable

We can contest the facts that fact in a biography in other to have credibility and remove disinformation, it does not make it expirable.

Biographies have gone through a lot of verification process from the writer, the subject, his family or close friends, the publishers and the public.

This prevents any opportunity of expiration because the facts have put together for the public to check.

 The life of the subject could not be altered.

Another factor that make biography away from expiration is that the fact of the subject’s life that cannot be redesign because it happened in the past and we can only report past events the way they occur, not change.

However, if we decide to change the fact about another person’s life, we are likely not going to succeed because if facts cannot change, the next available option is providing fake and unverifiable information.

 Truths don’t expire but can change.

True events do not expire, however, when we identify a new point of view and found it to be correct, it will be changed to cover it for the benefit of knowledge.

This is the same with biographies because even if they are published a thousand years ago, they remain biographies.

But when a new evidence is discovered, then another biography on the same subject will address it rather than discarding the old biography.

Biographies have no restrictions on numbers.

An individual can have as much biography as writers and the public is interested in reading and learning from it.

Prominent people in history have multiple biographies written by different authors about their lives for us to read and understand more of the struggles, achievements, and contributions to the development of their respective societies.

 It can only lose value and relevance.

Another factor that prevents biographies from expiration is their ability to remain relevant even after other writers have produced new biographies.

The older the biography is, the more reliability and acceptance it generates because the data has at that period in the past is more fresh and easier to get than now after long years’ difference.

 The subject is long gone.

Most subjects of biographies have long been dead.

Therefore, they cannot have recent activities, fresh evidence or new orientation that has not been captured in their history.

Since they are not available for them to have a fresh fact that can warrant a fresh biography, biographies cannot expire at all.

It can lose readership, but it is still relevant.

We all have certain books we read in the past that although are still very relevant, but we have depleted the number of readership for various reasons.

This is the fate of some biographies, although they cannot expire, but the interest in such biographies have gone so low that people often forget about them.

However whenever we discover such biographies, we know that the content will remain relevant forever without expiration.

Books on other activities like technology can expire but not Biography.

Books can expire depending on the contents.

A book published five years ago about mobile devices can expire because of the constant evolving of technologies in mobile devices.

However, biographies do not expire because the contents is still relevant today and it will still be relevant in the future.

Forgetting a biography is not an expiration.

We can forget a biography published in the 6th century or before that because of many factors.

However, twe can not discard them as expired products, rather whenever they we remember them, they become useful.

Do Biographies need to be updated?

Biographies are not like other type of books that are updated to meet a certain target.

One individual can have multiple biographies from different authors.

We do not need to update biographies at all.

Rather, another author can decide to do an additional research for another biography about the same subject.

What will happen to a biography if we discover a recent evidence ?

If we discover a new evidence that is not available in a biography, we can use two options.

One is to look for more evidences that is covered enough to form a fresh biography or to leave the fresh evidence altogether if it has no negative effect on the biography.

Solution when we discover an error in a biography?

When an error you discover an error in a biography, there are certain steps to follow in other to address the error.

First is to verify the accuracy of the error discovered by doing additional research to find out if indeed it is an error.

Second step is to notify those have the responsibility of addressing the issue such as the publishers, the author or the subject’s family about the error.

Those who have the responsibility over the biography will start the required changes and if not, you can write a new biography about the subject that is far better than the other on

Between oldest and newest biographies which have the most comprehensive coverage?

Comparison between old and new biography is not a good idea

However, the oldest biography has the advantage of closeness to the life of the reader at the period, freshness of the data used in it, and tested reliability that spanned several years after the publication.

A new biography has the advantage

Do facts in biography become obsolete?

No, biographies remain relevant to both the readers, researchers and the public forever when they are credible information without bias.

In case of update to a biography, who gets ownership right?

updating a biography is unusual except in certain extreme circumstances that require such decision.

However, in the event of any update, the parties involved need to seat and discuss a suitable term among themselve


Biographies do not expire at all, no matter the number of years they have after publication.

This is because of the following factor

  1. They are fact based on truth which cannot change.
  2. Additional evidence only comes to support them.
  3. They are historical reference point.
  4. They can only be contestable.
  5. We can’t change the life of the subject.
  6. Truths don’t expire but can change.
  7. It can only lose value and relevance.
  8. The subject is long gone.
  9. It can lose readership but it is still relevance.
  10. Books on other activities like technology can expire but not biography.
  11. Forgetting a biography is not an expiration.


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