Do biographies sell well? (Facts you should know!)

Do biographies sell well?
Customer asking about selling biographies.

Biographies sell very well especially that of famous people because everyone wants to know what their lives were (or are) like.

Generally, people want to know how rich, famous, influential or talented people live their lives.

In the case of a celebrity, the biography almost all the time sell very well, even if that person has a completely common and boring life. Because people have curiosity that they wants to satisfy about their favourite celebrities.

Below are important facts you should know about it.

Do biographies sell well?, generally, whether a biography will sell very well or not depends on several factors, which we are going to explain below:

1. The individual.

Biographies will sell well depending on the fame of the individual whose biography was written.

The more famous the person is, the higher the chances of such a biography making good sales in the market.

The fame of the individual plays a vital role in how the biography will be accepted by the public.

Famous actors, politicians, religious leaders, sportsmen and women, writers, scientists, comedians, journalists, innovators, and entrepreneurs will bring in more sales than that of an average or unknown person due to several factors, such as:

  1. Fans and followers.
  2. Paparazzi.
  3. Media coverage.
  4. Endorcements
  5. Other celebrities promoting it.

Lots of people are eager to have an insight into the lives of prominent people in order to satisfy their curiosity.

example, Barrack Obama’s Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, sold more than 8 million copies and was valued at 5.5 million dollars as of this year.

2.The publisher.

Established and well-known publishing companies have more effect on a biography’s sales than unknown or small publishing companies.

This is as a result of their years of experience, other high-selling books published, the bigger marketing methods, and their level of connection in the publishing world.

Compared to a newly established publishing company that is considered a novice in the industry.

Most of the highly influential people’s biographies were published by those established publishing companies, which gives them more advantage and prestige.

Examples of the world’s largest biography publishing companies:

  • HarperCollins publishers.
  • Penguin Random house.

3.Marketing method.

Another factor that influences whether or not a biography will sell very well is how the book is marketed to readers.

Using marketing methods such as adverts in both print and social media, presale bonuses, competitions, and other methods of generating publicity for the biography goes a long way in making it a success or failure.

The more publicity and awareness for the biography, the greater the chances of generating tons of sales both locally and overseas.

Example: Steve Jobs’ biography was sold at $20, selling an average of 540 copies per day since 2011.

4.The content.

In any type of book genre, the content will always remain the king that attracts attention and more people to it.

Therefore, having a very well-researched and interesting content design in a manner that is easy to understand will determine how much the biography is going to be sought out by the public.

Crappy, poor quality, and difficult to read content will prevent people from recommending the biography to others.

This will in turn lead to negative reviews that will have a huge impact on sales of such a biography.


Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl, Harold S. Kushner, et al.

5.The price.

Price matters when determining how much a biography is going to cost.

In determining the price, this factors need to be taken into consideration.

  • Location.
  • purchasing power,
  • literary level,
  • method of payment, etc


The place where the biography is to be sold will have an impact on its performance.

Selling the biography of Fidel Castro mainly in the United States will generate fewer sales than if the same biography was sold in Cuba. 

7.Purchasing power.

Selling biographies in an environment where people are grappling with basic needs like food, shelter, and security will not yield many sales.

The reason is that people are more preoccupied with other things than books about individuals.

Selling biographies in third world countries like Burundi, South Sudan, and Niger will not give the publisher the anticipated profits.

8.The author.

A widely known author will find more people willing to buy what he publishes than an entirely unknown author.

Established authors have a wealth of experience and previous publications that will market their name and generate more sales, especially if they have published bestsellers in the past.

9.Exceptional life.

If a person is not in any way famous, but he or she has an exceptional life that will interest a lot of people, the biographies will generate a lot of sales and revenue.

People like to read the lives of extraordinary, exceptional humans and get a glimpse of what their lives are like, the challenges they face and how they overcome those challenges.

10.The book cover and title.

Having a creative design cover and an attention-grabbing title produces more sales than biographies whose covers and titles are plain or not enticing.

When you publish a biography, it needs to stand out from the other biographies in the library, bookstore, or on your personal bookshelf.

Getting a catchy title will have an impact on how many sales that biography will generate. 

The catchier the title, the higher the sales, but make sure that the content matches with the title of the biography.

Do not mislead people just to get sales.

11.Global appeal.

Writing a biography and selling it in specific places or states will generate fewer sales than when the biography has a global appeal and can be purchased all around the world. If the proper channels are used, a person living in Oregon can have his biography sold all around the world.

There are several companies willing to partner with authors to publish their books and market them all over the world.

And companies like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and AliExpress make things easier for publishing and shipping at a cheaper rate.

12.Soft and hard copies are available.

A biography that has both soft and hard copies is easy to buy and generates more revenue than those that have only one method.

Some people prefer soft copies for reading and storage, while others prefer hard copies with paper backs for their reading pleasure.

A biography that satisfies these yearnings will do well in the market.

How to sell a biography the easy way.

There are several ways to sell a biography. Below is the easiest check list that can guarantee you a smile at the bank.

1. You have to be a celebrity.

2. Have an unforgettable experience

3.Make good publisher’s pitch.

4.give family and friends for review.

5.self-publish it on Amazon kindle.

6 have a marketing strategy.

7.Create awareness.

8.Put a realistic price on it.

1. Celebrity status.

Before you embark on writing a biography, make sure that you are very popular in your area of specialisation, state, or country. This will guarantee that whenever the biography is published, it will have lots of readers.

2. Have a fascinating experience.

Have a celebrity with lots of followers, make sure that you have an interesting experience to share that will benefit the readers.

 3. Make a good publisher’s pitch.

Having a good publisher agree to publish the biography is very important. It will give the biography respect and an edge in the market.

4. Allow family and friends to look it over first.

It is good to have the input of family and friends.They may recall some aspects of your life better than you.

5. You have the option of self-publishing it.

If you have no publisher interest in it and you still think it stands a chance in the market, self-publish it on platforms that allow that for free.

Consider the Amazon Kindle.

6. Create a marketing strategy.

Create a viral marketing strategy that will help boost sales discussions on social media, which will increase its publicity and awareness.

7. Increase public awareness.

Even before the biography hit the bookshelf, tell people what to expect, they put out a synopsis and excerpts from the chapters of the biography.

 8. Set a reasonable price.

As a new entrant and a beginner without the cult-like followership of celebrities, your aim is to penetrate the market and generate turns of sales. Putting your price high or equal to the biographies of famous individuals would be a bad strategy to follow.

Put the price of your biography at a relatively lower price than what is on the market.





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