Who is a good person to write a biography on (Revealed!)

Who is a good person to write a biography on
checklist of a good person to write a biography on.

In writing a biography, choosing a good person to write on will not only save your time, efforts and resources but it will also increase your chances of success.

In this article, we take you step by step into the process of choosing a good person to write a biography on in the easiest way

Who is a good person to write a biography about?

Choosing a good person to write a biography on consist on the following on the following checklist. How famous the person is, the impact, life lesson, breakthrough, how different the person is, people’s perception, philanthropy, network, family life, hobbies influencers and contribution to literature.

1. How famous the person is.

The most important factor in choosing the person to write a biography for is to check whether the person is popular enough to warrant readership interest from the public.
curiosity from the people generate more interest.

Your first checklist as a writer is to look for the level of the subject’s popularity through research and discussion with other people.

You can use the social media to know the level of interaction and interest in the subject.

You will not feel motivated and enthusiastic if you end up putting all the hard work, writing an excellent biography without people reading it. 

2. The impact.

Another important factor that you should consider is the impact of that individual in his community and professional career.

If the individual has contributed and impacted positively in these, then your decision in writing on him will be a very good one.

But if on the other hand, the individual has no significant impact that you can easily pinpoint at.

Then you need to reconsider your decision.

Moreover, people that have impacted on their chosen professions are more respected by the public than those that have no significant contributions in their lives.

3. Lessons in life story

Lessons are very important for guidance to those that are interested in learning.

The lessons that you can extract and benefit from if you end up writing the book are very important.

Therefore, you must make sure that the life of the individual you are writing the biography on is full of life lessons that can benefit the public positively.

4. Breakthrough.

Something interlinks the life of successful people with failures, trials and other inconveniences before they were able to succeed.

Make sure that the individual you are writing the biography on has a breakthrough story about his or her success.

Large amount of successful stories have more failures than success. They keep failing and trying until they eventually succeeded.

You must get this idea of how the individual became successful in other to document the past failures for the benefit of your intended audience.

4. How different the person is.

How was the individual different from other people in his or her choosing profession needs to be examined by you?

Moreover, success is not a linear process, but rather a zig zag method that is not the same for everybody.

You need to understand if there is anything the individual has done that is different from the normal status quo.

Most successful people achieve success as a result of doing things differently than what the majority people engaged in.

Your ability to find out what differentiates the individual with others will go along in making your intended biography a success. 

6. People’s perceptions.

Another very important checklist that will help you choose a good person to write a biography about is the perception of the people in his or her community and profession.

Perception of the people can either be positive or negative.

If positive, it will make your work easier.  people will be willing to help you with necessary information when you need them.

While if it is negative, you can study whether the individual is misunderstood as being harsh, corrupt or unfriendly.

If you find out that the individual suffered people’s misunderstanding, then you can decide to write in other to correct the narrative.

Moreover,you can strike the person’s name off your checklist if you are not comfortable.

7. Philanthropy.

We associate philanthropic activities with successful people that have the interest of humanity at heart.

Check for any philanthropic gesture of the individual to a particular course.

Check if the individual has any of the following the following. 

1. Endowment fund.

If the individual has established a fund that he or she dedicated to funding research, schools, hospital or any other aspect that may help the less privileged in the society.

2. Scholarship.

An individual can establish a fund dedicated for payment of either tuition, accommodation, feeding or materials to a specific section of people fully or partially.

If the individual has such, then you have a good person to write a biography on.

3. Community service.

Community service is one of the most appreciated noble cause that can elevate both the individual and the society.

If you find out the individual is engaged in one or more community project, tick the man as qualified for having a biography.

 4. Other factors.

You can also check on any other activities that are good to humanity and appreciated by a community as a positive signal in your search criteria.

Helping the homeless, feeding the birds at parks, volunteering in public works, schools or sporting activities is a good reason to write a biography for.

8. Legacy.

Legacy here means what the individual wants to be remembered for, long after he or she died.

Consider If the individual in your list has a very good legacy that he or she wants to be remembered for or is working towards achieving, then that is a good person to write on.

9. Circle of friends.

We have established that the life of an individual can become better or bad as a result of the type of circle of friends, colleagues and mentors he or she has.

Therefore, you need to check if the person has a good circle that is playing or has played a positive influence in the way he or she relates to others and work ethics.

We are as good as the people we relate to and as bad as they are.

Moreover, if your answer comes out as positive. Then consider writing your biography about him and if not, do more research.

If it is negative, erase the person from your list.

10. Family life.

Your attention here should be on how the individual treats and value his or her family.

Specifically, what is the person’s take on issues such as marriage, gender, family happiness, domestic violence and how to strike a balance between career and family?

This, if identified, will serve as either a lesson, motivation or admonishing to other people who want to have a happy family.

Furthermore, successful people have a lot to offer in such areas based on experience.

Therefore, if the person has something to offer in such areas, you can go ahead and write the biography.

11. Hobbies.

What does the person consider as a hobby is another factor to look at.

In his or her free time, what do they like to engage in as a method of relaxation?

The hobbies for people are wide and different.

Some people’s hobby is reading, some gardening, some painting, some visiting the museum, some swimming, some hiking and many more.

Moreover, finding out the types of hobby an individual engages in will be a wonderful sign that his or her life is not boring and it will generate interest from the people.

Therefore, pick a person with interesting hobbies as criteria for you writing the biography.

12. Influencers and role models.

There are Influencers all over the world.

People that we look up to as our heroes and role models play a vital role in helping us achieve our goals and aspirations.

Therefore, it is important to look at the incredible people your intended subject hold as role models and those that contributed to the success through their mentorship, guidance, to the success of that person.

Advisably, choose the one with the most authoritative, impactful and world renowned influential mentors.

The type of advice and direction given to him will be a valuable asset to the reader if you pick the right one.

13. Contributions to literature.

Another factor that will help you in choosing the right person is the contribution of the person to literature.

Majority of successful people document their journey.

You need to do a research to find out if he or she contributed in writing an article, journal, blog post, or a book.

You can also check for podcasts, paper presentations or website were they provide valuable resources.

If He or she scored very high in one or more of the above, the likely chances of generating publicity will be enhanced and if not, that of failure is eminent.

Things that are not necessary in choosing a good person to write a biography on.

Since we look at the things that you need to identify in other to know if the person is a good person worthy of a biography.

Below are the things that you don’t need to know, or write in a biography because they have no value to your readers.

1. Favourite food.

As you consider your checklist, knowing the favourite food of the individual has no significant value that will justify adding it as a criterion.

Your intended readers will not benefit from anything positive or negative when you tell them the favourite food of the person.

Therefore, do not waste your time in trying to know the answer to such questions.

2. Clothes.

Another issue that you need not consider is the number or type of clothes he or she wears.

Some people like dressing flashy, while others like it simple.

Knowing all those things on the person has no relationship with choosing whether the person is a good person to write a biography on or not.

3. Number of cars.

Cars are material things that should not be a selection criteria.

Whether the person owned roll Royce phantom, Lamborghini, Ferrari or any other car of such nature has no impact on a biography.

Restricting your selection criteria on things that are important to the lives of your readers alone will be more beneficial.

Examples of good a person to write a biography on.

  1. Socrates.
  2. Steve Jobs.
  3. Barrack Obama.
  4. Bill Gates.
  5. Oprah Winfrey.
  6. Dwayne Johnson (the rock).
  7. Elon musk
  8. Angelina Jolie
  9. Christiano Ronaldo
  10. Mark Zuckerberg

Who should I choose to write a biography on?

you can choose to write a biography on a Friend, family member, colleague, boss, entrepreneur, sport icon, politician spiritual leader, educator or anybody that past the above listed criteria.

Choosing based on what we explained above will increase the chances of a successful biography that can generate publicity, revenue and readers.

This is because the aim of any biography is to have an audience who will read and benefit from.

If you made a wrong choice, there is a greater chance of getting few audience and interest from publishers.


In choosing who a good person to write a biography on is, make sure you adhere to all the following checklist which includes.

  • How famous the person is.
  • The impact.
  • Lessons on life story.
  • Breakthrough.
  • How Different the person is.
  • People’s perception.
  • Philanthropy.
  • Legacy.
  • Network circle.
  • Family life.
  • Hobbies.
  • Influencers.
  • Contribution to literature.

If it satisfied you that the person has satisfied at least seven (7) of the above conditions, you can create a better content for the biography.


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