Gordon Parker Artist

gordon parker displaying one of his works

The Gordon Parker artist is an amazing multidisciplinary award winning artist in Florida city, United States of America whose artistic themes is blended with mixture of emotions and figurative complexity of Women.


An American.

place of residence.

Florida city,
United States of America.

Date of Birth

He was born on the 6th of October, 1966. in Florida United states of America.


Gordon Parker is very Happily married to a loving and supportive  woman and they are blessed with amazing children.

Contact of Gordon Parker artist.



Fernandina Beach, Florida city, united states of America.


He holds a bachelors in fine arts from Elgin Community College, lakewood, Illinois.

His artistic approach.

His artistic procedures gives utmost importance to the deconstruction of actual realism into a very Stark dramatic shapes which helps in bringing an amazing color theory, mastery and remarkable strength of expression which creates a compelling perspective.

Famous works of Gordon Parker.

  • La paraja de pablo 1881.
  • Emilio petteronati paintings.
  • Miralla bee pattern pollination visionista.
  • Alexander Achipenko paintings.
  • Figurative sculptures design.
  • Moxie Moksi.
  • Naum gabo.
  • Quickie wiki.
  • Abstract sculptures.
  • Modern Sculptures. The most recent one is
  • Swallowed by shadows spectacular paintings 2021.
    This are among the most popular and famous paintings of Gordon Parker out of many more done, either auction out in a competitive bidding or allocated to various arts galleries in united states of America for public consumption of the remarkable works of a great artist.

How Gordon Parker artist works are sold.

Must of His works are highly sought after especially amongst the elites of the city of Florida, all his amazing works were sold in a public competitive bidding process were every one has the right to try and acquire it for purchase and display in either Home, office or private galleries around the globe. And almost majority of the bidders appreciate the transparent nature of the bidding process.

Features  of gordon parkers designs.

Notably, from the year 2017, Gordon Parkers work has been accepted in several group and solo art exhibits. He has been featuring consistently  among many other popular artists at the following places:

  • WaterStreet Studio.
  • Norris Cultural Art Center Regional Exhibition.
  • Starline Gallery, were He was multiple ribbon award winner for a number of years.

Gordon Parker Artistic Experience credibility over the years.

  • Gordon Parker has 27 Years as an award winning designer in print, interactive design and motion videos.
  • Solo Artist Exhibition and Reception at their Max Vonisser Gallery of Art.
  •  College of DuPage Print Competition placement.
  • 2 Art entries in the WaterStreet Studios 8th Anniversary Art Exhibit ~ September 2017.
  • 2 Art entries in the The Starline Gallery Grand Finale Art Exhibit October 2017.
  • “The Gift of Life” Silent Art and Artisan Auction ~ October 2017.
  • WaterStreet Studios Winterfest Gallery Art Exhibition December 2017.
  • 3 Art entries in the The Starline Gallery Art Exhibit and Silver Ribbon Winner, January 2017.
  • Solo Art Exhibit at WaterStreet Studios (Seeing Through Masks) May 2018.
  • 5 Art entries in the WaterStreet Studios Art Exhibit (Art of The Blues) June 2018.
  • 1 Art entries in the Norris Cultural Arts Center Regional Exhibition ~ September 2018.
  • WaterStreet Studios Winterfest Gallery Art Exhibition December 2018.
  • 4 Art entries in the The Starline Gallery Art Exhibit (New Beginnings) Bronze Ribbon Winner, January 2019.


Gordon Parker is an artist with remarkable extraordinary talents of displaying emotions in art and delivering spectacular pieces to the delight of art lovers, galleries and general public which in turn generates a lot of visitors into United States of America who are always eager to see his works and bid fir them in the auction procedures that usually take place from time to time in the amazing city of Florida.

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