Naming your autobiography ( 9 checklist explained!).

Naming your autobiography
Naming your autobiography

No matter who you are, or the amazing contents you write, naming your autobiography can make or mar your chances of success.

Naming your autobiography

Naming your autobiography is always a tricky affair.

The name you come up with may have been used in another autobiography, which makes it illegal to be used by you or any other person as a result of copyright infringement.

However, you can easily solve this problem by applying these tested and proven techniques below in coming up with an excellent name for your autobiography.

How to craft a winning autobiography title

Crafting a winning autobiography title requires some skills that are considered very important.

They include the following:

1. Make it catchy.

The title of your autobiography need to be the type that will easily grab people’ attention.

A catchy title can capture the attention of the reader and draw his interest very easily.

Make your title very interesting in such a way that if a passerby glance through several books, his or her attention will go straight to your title of your autobiography.

We are all interested when we come across an eye popping in a library or in our friends’ how or offices.

2. Keep it Simple.

Most of us prefer a simple title of an autobiography.

It is therefore very important to make your title very simple for the benefit of the reader.

Moreover, difficult titles turn the attention of people away from your autobiography.

Also, our lives are complicated, as it is, readers always like things that are Simple.

We live in a world where our attention span is very limited.

By keeping your title simple, it will attract more people to it.

3. Make it stand out from the crowd.

Do not make a generic title in your autobiography.

Go to the nearest library and check the autobiography section. Depending on the volume of the Books in the library, you will find at least three autobiographies that Stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Therefore, pick those titles and study what makes them different from the rest.

Apply what you learn from them in other to make your own better.

4. Make it Stupid.

This may Sound awkward to you right?.

But think of it this way, whenever you come across a title of any type of book that appears stupid, your interest in the book increases.

You get attracted to See what the author wrote inside the book.

Use the same method in naming your autobiography title, it contain three distinct advantages of interest, funny appearance and simplicity.

5. Make it personal.

In crafting a good autobiography title, make it to appear personal.

Mix the title with something that involves your life.

Example of things that involve your life can be either an achievement, sickness, disappointment, struggle, disaster, risk taken by you or anything significant that took place in your life.

6. Make it emotional.

You want to get a high number of audience for your autobiography?.

Emotion is your strongest weapon to get them easily.

Emotion remains the strongest attachment between us and our daily activities.

Moreover, emotion is our primary connection to anything of interest in the world.

By crafting your autobiography title with an emotional tone, it resonates well with a lot of people who will want to grab and read all the information contained in the autobiography.

7. Evoke curiosity.

Craft a title that will evoke audience curiosity by merely glancing at the book cover.

Whenever people developed curiosity over a particular thing, be it a book, movie, game or something else, they develop ways of satisfying this curiosity.

There is a popular saying that it is curiosity that kills the cat.

This method will increase the chances of your autobiography getting more audience and generating more revenue.

8. The mood [happy or Sad].

Make the title of your autobiography a reflection of the mood contained in the book.

This mood can be of happiness or sadness.

If the book’s major mood is happiness, it should reflect in the title and also if it is tragedy or sorrow, do the Same.

By crafting your title in Such direction, the audience will have a prior glimpse of what to expect in the book.

9. Make it funny.

Funny title in books get people’s attention better and faster than any other method.

Make the title of your autobiography funny so that people will develop an interest in reading it.

A research conducted recently has shown that books that have funny title gets more attention particularly to younger ones than those that have a very formal title.

20 Creative titles of biography and autobiography.

  1. Losing my virginity by Richard Branson.
  2. Long walk to freedom by Nelson Mandela.
  3. Wings of fire by APJ Al Kalam.
  4. My wicked wicked ways by  Errol Flynn.
  5. The liberty coffee gave me talk pretty one day by David Sedaris.
  6. Dreams from my father by Barrack Obama.
  7. The stone cold truth by Stone Cold Steve Austin.
  8. When breath becomes air by Paul Kalanithi.
  9. In the nick of time by Nick Owen.
  10. Soula coaster: the diary of me by R Kelly.
  11. I can’t wait till tomorrow, cause I get better everyday by Joe Namath.
  12. Rags to Richie by Shane Richie.
  13. leading on my feet.
  14. Trowel and error by Alan Titchmarh.
  15. Dispatches from the edge by Anderson Cooper.
  16. A diary of dreams by John P Lopez and Kerri Strug.
  17. Stori telling by Tori Spelling.
  18. Up from lavery by booker t washington.
  19. Happy accidents by Jane Lynch.
  20. I know why the caged bird sing by Maya Angelou

Funny  autobiography titles

  1. Rags to Richie by Shane Richie.
  2. Finding my virginity by Richard Branson.
  3. I’ll be damned by Charles Manson.
  4. Boy pants by Tina Fey.
  5. Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining by Judy Sheindlin.
  6. Go the fuck to sleep by Adam Mansbach.

Stupid autobiography titles ideas

  1. Life of a complete idiot.
  2. How to Squander all your chances.
  3. Born to lose: an extraordinary life of a dummy.
  4. Why I follow left while success follow right.
  5. Can you help me fail?: my life, my failures.
  6. The dummy that  by Joey Keithly.
  7. They made a monkey out of me by Davy Jones.
  8. The bedwetter by Sarah Silverman.
  9. Toh by John Toshack.
  10. A little bit wicked: live, love and faith instages by Krith Chenoweth

Factors to consider when choosing your Autobiography title.

1. Audience.

When writing a biography, consider your target audience first.

When you understand your target audience, things will become more clear to you in terms of how to structure your content.

2. Content.

What are the things that you will write in the book?.

Make sure that what you are writing is factually correct, evidence is verifiable and cross check all details in the book.

Moreover, writing a good content is very important to the success of your book.

Therefore, you need to dedicate all your attention to the content of the autobiography.

3. Impact.

What is the projected impact of the book on the audience?


Biography and autobiography are written for the purpose of impacting the lives of the readers positively.

Therefore, you need to describe the what the object of your book is.


Factors to consider when naming your autobiography titles.

  • Creativity.
  • Imagination.
  • Solid Story.
  • Beautification elements.
  • Exargeration talent.


Writing a very good autobiography requires you to be creative as the author.

It involves you doing a lot of research, writing down a list of at least ten different titles, then going through them one after the order in other to weed out the less desirable ones until you narrow the list to the best three.

Get the opinion of other people to help you pick the best choice of the three, which you will use as the title of your autobiography.

Failure to be creative will have a never a negative impact on the success or failure of the autobiography.


The autobiography need your imagination abilities when you are about to come up with the best possible title for it.

As the author, you need to allocate some quality time in other to craft a title that will grab the attention of the needed audience.

However, if you think you are not capable of getting the desired result for the autobiography title, you can request the help of other professional writers in order to get the best result.

Solid Story.

In order to craft an attention grabbing title, you need to make sure that the stories in your autobiography is very solid to the intended audience.

Having a complete topic of discussion in the book will help you in coming up with a good title that will satisfy all your audience.

Beautification element.

As a writer, craft a title that is good to the eyes of the reader.

Beautiful arrangement of the title in your autobiography will enhance the chances of success and patronage much more than a title that is not well optimized.

In arranging the title, graphic designers can come up with an uncommon pattern of arrangement which you can choose from for your book.

Exargeration talent.

Exaggeration plays an important role in the process of storytelling.

In writing your autobiography, try to use an exaggeration method whenever you encounter a very boring potion that can negatively impact the attention of your reader.

It is important to understand here that exaggeration as we discussed here does not imply lying, or inflation of figures.

Rather, it is in your ability as a writer to creatively explain an event in a way that will entice the attention of the reader.

Things you need to avoid when writing an  autobiography.

  1. Plagiarism.
  2. Complex title.
  3. Boring title.
  4. Unrelated pictures.


When writing your title, avoid any act of plagiarism.

When you come up with a title that you think is very good for your autobiography, check the internet and See what will pop up in the Search result.

If you find out no similar title exists, you can use it.

However, if you discover another author has used as a title it, you mut avoid it at all costs because using it will amount to a breach of copyright laws.

Complex title.

Use a title that is very easy to understand on the part of the reader.

If the title of the autobiography is very difficult to read and understand, you should avoid it altogether and use the one with simpler words and easy meanings.

Remember, people are looking for ways to simplify their daily activities.

Therefore, you should help them achieve it by keeping things simple in your autobiography title.

Boring title.

Coming up with a boring title will negatively affect the autobiography and prevent the audience from developing an interest in having anything to do with the book.

In the event of such happening, the aim of which you wrote the autobiography will not materialize.

Therefore, all your effort will go down the drain.

If at all your primary aim of writing the autobiography is for people to read and benefits from the lessons in it, then do not come up with a boring title.

Unrelated pictures.

The picture on the cover of your autobiography should relate to the title.

Pictures, just like other visual materials, have a greater in influence on the mind of the reader.

Therefore, get an excellent photograph of yourself and use it as the cover of the autobiography.

I’d you have the opportunity, try to use your picture that will depict the title properly.


Naming your autobiography therefore, should not to be a difficult or complicated task. You only need to make sure that you have satisfied the following checklist in other to avoid problems.

You make it easy, catchy, funny, standout, Personal, emotional







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