Can a person have multiple biographies? (Solved!)

Can a person have multiple biographies?
Can a person have multiple biographies?

Most people used to wonder whether a single person could have multiple biographies.

In this article, our answer is absolutely yes!!. A person can have multiple biographies for the following reasons:

Can a person have multiple biographies?

Yes, in both biography and autobiography, a person can have two or more biographies for many reasons.

Such reasons include, the passage of time, a new interesting discovery in his or her life, or as a result of a specific important event.

For any of the above reasons, an individual can have two or more biographies about themselves.

Although this is mostly very rare to find, no law currently exists with regards to how many biographies an individual is allowed to have.

Therefore, having multiple biographies depends totally on the events and circumstances that warrant it.

How can a person have multiple biographies?

There are several factors that warrant having two or more biographies.

Some of the factors include the following:

1. Acquiring new information.

A person may have multiple biographies if, long after the writing of the first one, things related to the individual are discovered.

This is mostly related to figures of the past, such as rulers, spiritual leaders, ancient writers, and even contemporary individuals.

If new information is discovered which will have a significant impact on how the person is viewed in society, then a new biography will be written on the individual so as to set the record straight.

If the distance between the first biography and the later years of the subject is great, then there is a need for another biography in order to fill in the other events and issues that have not been captured by the first biography.

If a person has made a significant contribution to the development of events that have had a significant impact on the world, multiple biographers may decide to produce another biography on the same person.

They may likely publish another biography if they think the first one did not address the issues of quality and objective research.

2. Focus specific.

And individual may have multiple biographies if all of them are focus-centric based.

A writer may take the biography through event “A” and another may write his or her own, focusing on event “B”.

Advantages of having multiple biographies.

  1. Provide a broad perspective on the subject’s life.
  2. Allows people and researchers to reconcile facts and figures in both.
  3. More publicity for the life of the subject.
  4. Gives the reader the ability to make informed choices.
  5. Minimize the chances of errors.
  6. Enhances reading culture.

1. Provide a broad perspective on the subject’s life.

More information and different points of view on the subjects will be covered if two or more biographies on the same individual are written.

Some people will start seeing the subject from an entirely different angle than what they have done in the past.

2. It allows people and researchers to reconcile facts and figures in both.

Having multiple biographies means having more opportunities for those doing research on the subjects to arrive at more accurate figures and facts.

Furthermore, all facts, events, and figures will be easily verified using information from both the biographies.

3. More publicity for the life of the subject.

Having more than one biography helps the subject generate more readers.

People who have not come across the previous one for some reason will be easily exposed to the new biography.

Moreover, those who read the previous biography and find it interesting may be tempted to read the new one.

This can be either as a result of the interesting subject or because of the author of the new biography.

4. Give readers the ability to make informed choices.

For readers looking to purchase the biography of the subject, having two or more biographies about the same person will give them the opportunity of choice which a single biography deprived them of.

Readers will appreciate having multiple biographies to choose from.

5. Minimize the chances of errors.

It helps to minimise the chances of having errors and limitations with regard to accurate research on the subject.

Errors discovered in the first one may not be repeated in the second biography.

6. It improves the reading culture.

Multiple biographies help in improving the reading culture in a society.

More people will have the chance to read because more books are available within their reach.

People now have multiple devices that help with simple reading that were not available years ago, which helps people read more biographies.

Disadvantages of having multiple biographies.

  1. Causes confusion.
  2. Conflicting information unnecessary spending.
  3. Lack of time.
  4. Repetition.

1. It causes confusion.

Having two or more biographies mostly confuses the reader.

The issue of which one to read, which one has the best information to look for, may end up frustrating the effort of the reader in reading that particular biography due to these uncertainties.

Multiple biographies on the same subject force the reader into a choice dillemma which needs to be avoided.

2. Conflicting information.

There is a greater chance of coming across contradictory facts, events, figures, and points of view as a result of the author’s different way of seeing things.

This conflicting information reduces the reader’s trust in both biographies as a result of not knowing which of the two accounts to believe.

3. Causes unnecessary spending.

Finances are a very important issue in everybody’s lives.

When there is more than one biography on the same subject, the reader has to make a choice between which of the two to buy.

In order to avoid making the wrong choice, he or she may have to buy both the biographies so as to get the necessary information he or she is looking for.

These additional expenses will put a dent in his or her financial power that will cause him or her to be sad instead of happy.

4. Lack of time.

Time is an essential ingredient in a reader’s life that needs to be wasted.

Even if the reader is able to pay for the multiple biographies, the time that the reader will spend reading them is another disadvantage to the reader.

Time is money; use it wisely.

Reading hundreds of pages takes time and effort.

The time of the reader will be adequately utilized if it is a single biography much more than when there are two or more.

If it takes only three days for a reader to finish a 450-page biography, it will take him twice that time or more to read two of the same pages.

5. Repetition.

Reading two biographies by different authors on the same subject may lead to repetition on the part of the reader.

Most of the points in biography “A” may have been captured in biography “B”, which makes reading it very boring instead of interesting.

Is there one biography for multiple people?

People often ask whether it is possible to have one biography for two or more people. Absolutely yes, you can have one biography covering the events of multiple people.

But it must be in either the same category as the single period focus or the achievement focus.

The subjects in the biography must share similarities that connect their lives together, and if they don’t, separate them into single biographies.


  • Lytton Strachey’s Eminent Victorians It was first published in 1918. a biography of four leading figures of the Victorian era, comprising Cardinal Manning, Florence Nightingale, Thomas General, and Charles Gordon.

Is there a biography with multiple authors?

Yes, you can have more than one author writing the same biography instead of publishing it differently.

They will share all their different ideas in the same single biography.

Example of one biography with multiple authors.

“Happy Trails” by Dale Evans and Roy Rogers, first published in 1979.

Advantages of one biography with multiple authors.

  • Sharing of ideas.
  • Completeness.
  • Easy for the reader.
  • Formidable relationship

Sharing of ideas.

One of the biggest benefits of two or more authors coming together to write one biography is the way different ideas, perspectives, and opinions will be shared amongst them.

That will help make the biography rich with information.


As a result, the biography on the subject will be able to cover all aspects of the subject without missing any important points as a result of their synergy in coming together.

Easy to the reader.

Readers may find this type of biography very easy to read and understand, with tons of information, very educative, and cost-effective since they don’t need to purchase another one to have a complete perspective.

Formidable relationship.

By coming together to combine efforts in producing the biography, a strong bond of relationship will be forged amongst them that has the capacity to last for a long time.

Relationships among like-minded people last longer.

Disadvantages of one biography with multiple authors.

  • Bulky biography
  • Personality clashes
  • Conflicting writing styles

Bulky biography.

The biography may appear very bulky in terms of word count and pages.

Information from different angles will be presented, and it is usually to have a less bulky biography when there is too much information.

Personality clash.

When two or more literary giants collaborate on a project, egos and interests usually clash among themselves, which causes serious problems.

Conflicting writing styles.

Each writer has a unique way of doing his or her writing.

Therefore, bringing them both to work on a single biography will cause a lot of issues, misunderstandings, confusing writing styles for the reader, and even the style to be adopted needs to be debated.

Multiple biographies, Single author.

A single person can write several biographies perfectly without any issues.

Some people are pursuing biography writing as a career.

Many people in the past have been very popular and famous for writing several biographies of different people.


Gibbons, Edward Hesketh Pearson wrote several biographies in his life.

Below are a few of them.

  • Hesketh Pearson, By Himself (1965), autobiography
  • Extraordinary People (1965), biographical essays
  • Johnson and Boswell: The Story of Their Lives (1958)

Walter Isaacson He wrote the following.

  • Codebreaker, 2021,
  • Steve Jobs, 2011.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci, 2107.
  • Benjamin Franklin, an American president, in 2003.

Advantages of a single author for multiple biographies.

  1. Experience.
  2. Recognition.
  3. Known Writing Pattern.
  4. Experience.

1. Experience.

An author who has written severally on the same topic has gathered a lot of experience in the course of doing the job.

He has an edge on any writer that is coming into that aspect for the first time because he knows all the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

2. Recognition.

An experienced biography writer has established him or herself as an authority in such a category.

As such, when his or her name appears in a biography, many people will want to read it because they know it must be a very good job.

Moreover, in terms of sales, people will prefer to purchase the work of an experienced writer than that of a newbie.

3. Known writing pattern.

Another advantage of an experienced biography writer is that people are familiar with his writing pattern.

If people read the work of a writer for a long time to familiarize themselves with his or her styles, structure, and pattern, it makes it easy for them to read more.

Disadvantages of a single author for multiple biographies.

  • Expensive.
  • They are few.
  • Pride.


The majority of these experienced biography writers charge exorbitant fees for their services.

They charge a huge chunk of money before they can commence writing a biography.

This makes it difficult for people to afford their service, except for the super and influential few in society.

•They very few.

It is also known that those categories of experienced writers are very rare around the world.

As a result of their scarcity, even if a person can afford to pay for their services, they are mostly nowhere to be found.


As it is with most celebrities, the experienced biography writers are very proud of themselves.

Because of their pride, they
sometimes reject work even if the employer can afford to pay for their services.

It is very difficult to engage them as most of them are isolated from the general public.

Can a person have multiple autobiographies?

Absolutely yes, a person can have more than one biography if they are meant to address different issues in their life or if they have new things that have not been captured in the previous ones.

Although, generally, people don’t need more than one autobiography, it is absolutely right to have more than one.

People with Dissociate identity disorders.

A person with this type of disorder is more likely to have two biographies.

He has a switching habit that affects his or her perception, feelings, and ability to remember things, so it will be appropriate for the person to have two for either side of him or her.


Several factors, which we examined above, can cause one person to have multiple biographies.

This can be as a result of life span, new information discovered, specific purpose focus, new achievements, among various other reasons discussed above.






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