Santagato store


What is santagato store

Santagato store is an e- merchandise website created and founded by the famous and one of the most popular American blogger, podcaster, you tuber, producer and comedian named Joseph Patrick Santagato of Queens,New York City, United States of America.

Joe Santagato is also the founder of santagato tv channel, santagato studios, veterans minimum, basement yard among other major and successful ventures that are doing well allover the globe.

Santagato as an online store is like Amazon, Aliexpress where you can order the product you are interested in and it will be delivered to your doorstep in an easy and efficient manner especially in United States of America.

Things to find in Santagato store.

The famous  store as a business medium is selling merchandise and gifts of high quality.

They are designed, created and produce as a result of inspiration generated from the famous Joe Patrick Santagato.

Santagato store becomes popular due to the activities of inspirational Joseph Patrick Santagato who gained prominence through a lot of media activities particularly, Youtube channels that He started at the tender age of 13.

Santagato Stores products

Several products are traded in the Store prominent amongst them are T-shirts, stickers, wall arts, home decor, gift cards, face caps, pens, books, bed shirts among many other branded products that are independently design and sold by by artists that have no direct link him Joe himself but are only inspired by His performance, popularity and what He stands for.

Prices of the products at santagato store.

As the quality and designing artists differ, so is the prices attached to each individual santagato product.
Example  a design by name etched paige corporate startup mouse pad design by geveparty68 is sold for $40 and above.

While mr and Mrs Joe Santagato incripted branded t-shirts design by Bailey Lisa is being sold from $20 dollars and above each.

Therefore, the prices of santagato store’s products varies as a result of several reasons such as quality, the design method, the product and the store where the product is being retail or marketed.

When was Santagato store founded?

The Santagato store was founded in 2017 to help fans and inspired individuals to access the products that are dear to them in a more easy and simple manner to satisfy both the demand of the product by fans, followers and well wishers and to also increase brand awareness about the activities of Joe Patrick santagato, which are numerous ranging from podcasting to vlogging, to producing.

And to managing many channels while at the same time co-hosting other shows that have widely acceptance not only to the people of United States but to followers and fans across all the continents of the world.

And they are happy with what joe p Santagato has been doing in the internet.

Who is Joseph Santagato?

Joe Santagato was his popular name but his full, real name is Joseph Patrick Santagato.

He was born on 25th of February, 1992 in Queens, New York City, United States of America to mr and Mrs Joseph Elizabeth Santagato, a brave and courageous fire fighter father who received a lot of commendations for bis bravery in the New York City fire department and a highly dedicated public school Secretary mother known for her commitment to duty.

He is an American professional and popular YouTuber and podcaster with an estimated networth of about $1.7 million dollars.
Joseph Patrick Santagato attended the following schools;

St Francis of Assisi Catholic school.

Armstrong middle school and

Saint Francis preparatory school. Were he obtained his education all in Queens, United States.

He was also a practising athlete in his school days participating in lots of athletic events all around the various States in United States.

Location of Santagato stores.

The merchandise brand is located in New York City but mostly since its products is design by independent artists.

It is sold in online marketing outlets which in turn deliver it to the buyer at their respective addresses in time without any hassle or difficulty to the satisfaction of the customers.

Services offered by Santagato stores.

The services offered at Santagato stores are mostly branded t-shirts, hoodies, face caps, bracelets, mugs, rugs, arts, pouches, banners, plantes among other interesting things that appeals to the buyers interest and brand awareness.

Santagato studio hoodies are currently the most popular demanded product amongg the products of the store. It can also be found in New York Times website.

The hoodie comes in different sizes, shapes and styles that gives the buyer freedom of choices to decide and it is highly popular particularly among new yorkers and many Americans.

Contact. is the official website for communication, inquiries, questions and answers, product reviews, complains et cetra.

It contains all the necessary information required by visitors, buyers and partners alike.


Santagato store has a staff both directly and mostly indirectly.

In a ratio between the two, the indirect staffs are the majority because they consists of many independent artists and designers creating, marketingg and selling the santagato branded products.

Review of Santagato Store.

Santagato stores receives majority overwhelming and glowing reviews about the quality of the products, affordability and easy fast delivery to the customers.

The Customers and general public have a strong trust in the brand and what it represents which inturn leads to partnership and patronage by many stores and customers alike.

Social accounts.

Most have been directly linked to the founder Joseph Santagato which provides all  information, promotions and events that has to do with Santagato stores.

Santagato basement Yard

Is a podcast comedy program run by Joe Santagato and Danny but Danny left the program for undisclosed reasons.


All the products in the store are known for their qualitative nature, unique designs and fashion oriented for all strata of the soceity.

So next time You think of shopping, ensure that Santagato store is your best choice.

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