Is Steve Jobs biography worth reading (9 facts Explained!)

Is Steve Jobs biography worth reading
Is Steve Jobs biography worth reading?

Steve Jobs is one of the most important figures that changed the world through technology. However, is the biography about Steve Jobs worth reading?

In this article, we take a look at the biography and give a step-by-step analysis on whether it is worth your attention or not.

Is Steve Jobs biography worth reading?

The biggest decision you can take as a student, entrepreneur, athletes or whatever profession you belong to is to read the Biography of Steve jobs written by Walter Isaacson.

The amount of ideas, lessons and innovations you can get from the biography will transform your life and the way you view certain things.

Reasons why Steve Jobs biography is worth reading.

Help you see the good in yourself.

The first thing you will learn in the biography is the ability to see good in yourself.

This ability is not through the eyes of other people, but through examining yourself personally.

It is good to be different.

If you have different views, dreams and lifestyle from the majority of people, consider yourself lucky.

Being different is an advantage, not a defect.

By you being different, you will be able to come up with different ideas, solutions and innovative way of doing things that will stand you far ahead of other people.

Therefore, when you find out that you are different, don’t panic. It is a gift that you can use to your advantage.

Ask questions.

No matter the level and depth of your knowledge, there are still millions of things that you have no knowledge of.

Therefore, always ask questions when you are in doubt or when you have no knowledge of a particular aspect.

These will increase not only your expertise alone, it will also enhance your relationship with other people.

Meditate if you want success.

The Biography teaches us the importance of meditation in life.

Life is sometimes difficult and chaotic.

meditation is the only recipe that will help you relax your mind and help you think deep into the meanings of life, your purpose, and the goals you want to achieve.

Meditation is one of the best habit of successful people in the world.

If you want success in life, start early.

By starting the process of achieving your goals early in life, it will afford you the opportunity to experiment, learn, and correct those mistakes that will shape you in the future.

By starting early, you have no very few burdens that will distract you. No wife, children give you more opportunities in the early stages of your career.

Be ready for failure.

As seen from the lives of Steve Jobs in the Biography, failure is not a barrier to achieving success.

Whenever you failed at a particular period, look at the reasons for the failure, learn from them and re-strategised for better results.

You may sometimes think that you have everything under control, sometimes you failed early in otherother to prevent you from failing later.

Never give up on a dream (do what you believe)

Another important lesson in the Biography is that you may face lots of rejections, failures, disappointments and mockery from people that do not believe in your ambition.

However, listening to those nay sayers is not an option.

Rather, pursuing your goals with all seriousness will grant you the needed success against their expectations.

If Steve Jobs had given up on his dream, the world may have lost one of her biggest products use by millions of people around the world.

Always look at the long-term goal.

Looking at short-term benefits is a problem for your career aspirations and goals.

Always view actions with a long-term implications. This will help clear your mind and help you set realistic expectations in your activities.

Stand out of the park.

Don’t follow the people, follow your heart. Most a time we failed to achieve our goals by doing what every other person is doing.

This will only prevent us from achieving our potential and make us as average as everyone else.

When you have an idea, follow it up and apply it.

Do things differently in other to get better and different results that will differentiate you from the park.

You can’t figure it all out.

Another reason why the book is worth your time is because it teaches you that you don’t need to figure out all the answers before you can start the journey.

Rather, you start the journey and learn on your way to success.

Figuring out everything is almost in impossible at the beginning, too much information will not help you, but taking actions will.

When Steve Jobs and his friend decided to start the business, they did not figure on one tenth of how to do it. But they succeeded.

Don’t stop learning.

The Biography also teaches you to always dedicate some time for learning new things.

We have seen in the book that when you stop learning; the brain stops improving and starts losing its value.

Always be a learner. You will see the positive impact.

Read a lot.

Successful people are expert readers. Reading is one of the most underrated process of development.

The Biography advises that you should read lots of books to stay sharp and updated.

You can pick an area that you are interested in, get the best books in such areas and read them.

The amount of knowledge that you can get from them is always massive.

People will hate you: don’t take it personally.

Another lesson that you will learn in the biography is that not all people will like you or your dreams.

As such, you should not go about trying to please people. It will waste your time and distract you from doing the right thing.

Rather, use your energy to doing what you set to achieve with all seriousness and don’t take the hate and the dislike Personal.

Follow your dreams always.

We find out in the biography that no matter how difficult it appears at the beginning, follow your dreams always.

This is as a result of the experience you will gather from other people that begin their journey from grass to grace.

Compromise on the process and not the product.

When faced with a hard task or decision, it is allowed to compromise on the process of doing it and not on the product itself.

Meanwhile, quality of the product, the standard something should not temper the integrity with, rather the process of achieving those qualities can be adjusted when needed.

Don’t mistreat people.

In the biography Steve Jobs treats his employees very badly, he doesn’t take into account their emotional state, human limitations and mistakes in his decision.

The idea is for you as a reader to understand this mistake from Steve and correct it in your dealings with other people around you, particularly your employees if you have.

Balanced between work and family.

The biography takes a look into the family life of Steve Jobs and discovered lots of problems that will help you avoid them in your family.

Moreover, those problems have to do with having a balanced between your work time and family time.

Do not spend your time on one aspect while neglecting the other, it has a negative consequence.

Hire the best.

Your ability to hire qualified employees has a very big impact on the success or failure of your business.

The book shows clearly how Steve’s jobs and his companies hired the best employees, which helps in transforming the growth of the company rapidly.

Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur, or you want to become one in the future, you will learn some tactics on how it is done successfully.

Did Steve Jobs biography became a Best seller?

When the book was launched in 2011, it break all previous records and sold 379 thousand copies in the first week of the launching, which is 19 days after the death of Steve Jobs.

It also went ahead to clinch the award of the best-selling book of the year on Amazon.

Positive reviews about the biography.

Majority of the reviews received about the book are very much positive from important organisations, and individuals and newspapers.

How you should read the biography.

Keep an open mind.

Keep an open mind with the intention of learning a lesson from the successes and failures of Steve Jobs.

He committed lots of mistakes that you need to study and avoid and look at areas where he did very well in other to learn and apply in your activities.

Read in a serene environment.

To understand and enjoy the biography more, you need to find a serene place that has a conducive atmosphere suitable for relaxation.

These will help to calm your nerves and giving you more chances of concentration on the biography.

Keep a highlighter close.

Highlighter or maker should be with you. This will help you in highlighting areas of interest in the biography.

Having a marker, highlighter or a sticker will help you to know important places and it is easy to go back to in the future.

Keep distractions away.

It is important to put away all possible means of distractions away from you.

Means of distractions can be your mobile phone, television, game console or any other object or material that has the capacity of splitting your attention while reading.

In other to avoid such distractions, place them in an area that will take an effort before you can reach them to reduce the opportunity to use them.

Read in phases.

A marathon reading is an offensive strategy that can reduce your desire of reading in the future.

Meanwhile, reading in phases or time allocated can help you stay motivated and dedicated to reading every time you pick a book, even if the book is not interesting.

Therefore, we advised that you allocate a specific number of minutes or hours as your reading schedule.

Whenever the time is achieved, you drop the book.

The above method has been very effective for lots of people, so you should try it. At least 30 minutes reading a day.

Drop it when you are tired.

Another method that will help in understanding and appreciating the lessons in biography is whenever you are tired, you should stop reading immediately.

Biography of Steve Jobs is worth reading if you are not forcing yourself to do it.

The aim is learning, not speed.


Steve Jobs biography is definitely worth reading if you are interested in learning about success and how to become an entrepreneur. Not only that, it will help your life irrespective of your profession.



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