Tembo Sacco Investments

Tembo sacco investments biography:

Tembo Sacco investments is one of the trusted and fast rising Savings and Credit Co-operative Society, serving EABL(East Africa Breweries Limited) employees and other institutions and private individuals within the Kenyan market.

Tembo sacco investments overall mission:

The overall mission of tembo sacco investments is to create wealth for all their members and to envision being the preferred financial service provider in East Africa.
Tembo sacco is a fully licensed deposit taking and savings cooperative society registered and regulated by sacco societies regulatory authorities.

Tembo sacco was established and registered as a corporate entity in 1972 with initial intent of serving only East Africa breweries limited employees but later it develops and expand to the stage of serving other interest members within the market.
All membership in tembo sacco is now open for the interested parties unlike what is obtained before.

Strategic agenda of tembo sacco investments.

Creating wealth for members in and innovative way and becoming the most preferred services provider for all members.

Tembo Sacco has a proud history of delivering in it’s core mandate of creating more wealth to it’s members through innovative and 21st century saving products and provision of credit facilities with a very minimal interest rates compared to other players in the same sector.
Tembo sacco has demonstrated and established itself over the years as progress driven company as shown in tremendous financial growth over the years with an asset of over 1.3 billion serving over 2500 members.
Tembo sacco has a range of products and services offered to members only.

Managing Director/CEO of tembo sacco investments:

Mrs Mungani Lydiah. She has been the managing director of the company from July 2007 to the present day serving for 14 years on the job with remarkable achievements. She was a highly educated woman with certificates from prestigious institutions at home and in the united States of America.

Established year:

Tembo Sacco was established in 1972 in Kenya.


Tembo sacco plaza is located in Alozi garden estate road, Nairobi, Kenya.
P.O box 91-00618

Contact information:




Email: info@tembosacco.co.ke


Mobile app:

Tembo sacco launch it’s mobile app on 24th of Wednesday March, 2021.


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