Who can write a biography? (9 things you should know!).

Who can write a biography
Who can write a biography?

Writing a biography requires a significant amount of knowledge and expertise which, if not properly look into, it will destroy the chances of success in a biography.

In this article, we are going to look at the checklist of individuals that are qualified to write a biography and the qualities they need to have.

Who can write a biography?

The best person to write a biography is the one that fits into the following categories:

  • Family member.
  • Journalists.
  • Freelancer/ghostwriter.
  • Agency.
  • A friend.
  • A Student.
  • A trustworthy individual.
  • Long-term Colleague.
  • A Scholar.

Family member.

Family member is an excellent candidate to write a biography.

Your family, being the closest to you, has the biggest advantage  in writing your biography or that of another member of the family.

This is because of having more access to credible information obtainable in the family that may be difficult for an outsider to get access to.

Family member who is writing your biography will not find it hard to interview all members of the family that have a reliable information to offer.

If the writer is from your family, chances of making mistakes, inclusion of fictional data and mis-presentation of facts is minimised to a barest minimum level.


Records have shown that journalists are excellent biography writers because of their affiliation with painstaking research, storytelling abilities, factual reports and uncovering of minor details.

Therefore, when you think of having a written biography for yourself or any other person, it is advisable to give the job to a renowned journalist.

Journalists hold the record of the most successful biographies that are among the world bestsellers because of their research abilities.


A freelancer is an ideal candidate for writing your biography.

The ability of a freelancer to be neutral and present facts using a reliable method is one of the biggest advantage of him or her writing your biography.

Additionally, a freelancer saves you from doing the hard work yourself by channelling your time into doing other important activities.

However, a freelancer requires payment for his or her services for dedicating their time writing the biography.

Though they are very good with quality research and coming up with a flawless biography, they charge a huge amount of money for offering such services to their clients.


There are several agencies that offer private services to clients, especially in writing biographies and autobiographies.

These agencies have credible and qualified staffs that are very efficient in doing a comprehensive research work when writing a biography than any other individual.

Thus the agencies have no resource limitation, labour force, experience and expertise in writing a biography but have a very costly contracting fees.

However, agencies have a verifiable track record that will be very helpful in writing your biography.

A friend.

When looking for who can write a biography, especially your own, a friend that is reliable and trustworthy can help you in carrying it out.

A friend has significant knowledge of your life and your activities, especially if that friend is someone you grew up with you and shared most of your life together.

Having a friend write your biography will help the reliability of the biography and validity of the biography.

It will also help in making sure that it balanced all facts, representation of accurate information that is not skewed in your favour only or against you.

However, that friend must have interest and experience in writing biographies so as to avoid problems that will prevent the success of the biography.

A student.

A Student especially at a graduate level that is in a writing and research related discipline, can write your biography without a problem.

Having spent a good amount of time in research, writing thesis and assignments, he or she have a required knowledge, discipline to write an unbiased biography with the help and authorisation of the subject.

Moreover, the increase availability of tools like the internet connection, government records, journals, archives and newspaper articles, our life is made easy  through access to information for a researcher.

A trustworthy individual.

Any individual that is regarded as a reliable, trustworthy and aim can successfully write your biography without having issues.

A trustworthy individual will do a wonderful job in other to protect his or her reputation against any claim of misrepresentation, insertion of fictional characters and figures.

A long-term colleague.

Your colleague that spend a considerable number of years working together with you closely is a suitable candidate to write a biography for you because of the amount of details he or she has because of working the experience of working with you.

Colleagues, especially long-term ones, usually developed a long-lasting relationship between your family and theirs, making them the ideal candidate for an excellent biography.

A scholar.

A recognised scholar with an excellent track record of academic research is suitable for writing your biography because he or she has experience with research from scratch.

When it involves a scholar, chances of disappointment regarding the biography are significantly lower than those that have no scholarly academic records.

Qualities of the person who can write the Biography?

  • Independent mindset.
  • High literacy level.
  • Creativity in writing.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Availability of time.
  • Good editing skills.
  • Strong motivation.
  • Not an ex convict.
  • Aim and objective.

Independent mindset.

The first quality of the person you can choose to write your biography is his independent mindset.

A person who have the capacity to follow his or her instinct and get results without you pointing the direction first will bring better results higher than your expectations.

High literacy level.

Your candidate for the biography should possess a required knowledge that will help him or her in carrying out the responsibility better.

Therefore, a person with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a related field is more respected in this regard than a high school graduate.

This is as a result of the knowledge gained interacting with others in the academic environment.

Creativity in writing.

The ability to be creative is an advantage that will qualify a person for writing a biography.

However, creativity in writing is not referring to the creation of fictional characters rather, it is the ability to make a boring chapter interesting as a result of the writing style not changing of facts.

Attention to detail.

The writer must have expert attention on extracting minor details that are can give more information about a certain action of the subject to the reader.

They compounded some minor details before a major decision is taking, as such the ability of the writer to see and recognise same is very vital.

Availability of time.

In choosing the person who will write the biography, you must consider the writer’s schedule first.

Additionally, if the writer has no adequate the to spend on the biography job, the quality of the biography will be much lower than if the writer spends several hours daily on the project.

Good editing skills.

In any biography, grammar issues are very costly to the success of the biography.

If your biography is rich with good quality contents but they filled it with lots of spelling, syntax and semantics errors, your biography will have negative reviews which will lead to other shunning away from it.

Strong motivation.

Motivation is a powerful factor that can lead to the success or failure of a biography.

Therefore, when choosing the writer, choose the one with a strong desire for the job rather than just passive interest, this will give the writer the zeal to do a better job in other to justify the confidence reposed on him or her.

Not an ex convict.

Do not employ the services of an ex convict as a writer of your biography.

They will question the credibility of the biography for as long as people’s memory will remember it.

Many people will find it very strange to read a biography of a credible individual written by a criminal.

This will hamper the popularity, acceptance and revenue to be generated from the biography.

Aim and Objective.

It is always a good idea if you pick an objective writer to write to you.

This will prevent the possibility of bias, skewed or giving unverified information.

Additionally, an objective writer will not try to curry favour from you but bring out both the positive and negative side of your life without bias or cover up.

Factors that disqualify a person from writing a biography.

  • Self.
  • Illiteracy.
  • Laziness.
  • Subjective opinion.
  • Lack of time management.
  • Self.

It is strange to you, right? But the actual evidence is a biography cannot be written by a person himself.

And when such happens, it is no longer a biography but an autobiography.

  • Illiteracy.

It automatically disqualified any person without knowledge of how to read and write from writing a biography.

Additionally, an illiterate have no business with any intellectual activity.

  • Laziness

A person that is very lazy should not be given a biography job because it requires a significant amount of hard work which a lazy person will fail to perform.

  • A subjective opinion.

Any individual that cannot be objective while doing research is not qualified to write a biography, because he or she will end up being biased.

  • Lack of time management.

Management of time is very important in writing a biography.

Any individual that finds it difficult to manage time appropriately is not qualified to write a biography.


Biographies are very impactful if a qualified person and the best way to get a qualified person for the biography writes it are as follows;

  • Independent mindset.
  • High literacy level.
  • Creativity in writing.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Availability of time.
  • Good editing skills
  • Strong motivation
  • Not an ex convict.
  • Objective.

Therefore,while looking for who can write a biography? Consider the above checklist first.




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