Why is biography dying? (11 reasons you should know!)

Why is biography dying

Biography is one of the most popular Non-fiction category of books in the world. In the past few years it has been declining months after months, however, people don’t understand why biography is dying.

In this article, we are going to see all the reasons why biographies are dying and different methods of reviving it.

Why is biography dying?

The following are the reasons why biography  is dying;

  1. Declining reading culture.
  2. Increase in income inequality.
  3. Addiction to social media.
  4. Decreasing attention span.
  5. Bulkiness of Biographies.
  6. Rising cost of living/inflation.
  7. Lack of new quality biographies.
  8. Increase preference to other genres.
  9. Fast pace changing the world.
  10. Decreasing popularity of Biographies.
  11. Decreasing popularity of libraries.

1. Declining reading culture.

Over the years, the culture of reading is declining amongst people, the younger generation.

This rapid decline is the major reason why biography is dying because of the significant reduction in the number of people interested in it and the absence of of people, of new biography lovers.

This gradual declining will continue to rise in the future if we do nothing to tackle it.

2. Increase in income inequality.

Income is a factor in doing things the world over.

However, the ever-increasing gap between the upper, middle and lower class is contributing to the reduction and gradual phasing out of biographies around the world.

The upper class is comfortable and getting more income while the middle and lower class are facing income decline amid rise in cost of living.

This factor is affecting the capacity of biography lovers in buying biographies and having the time to read them because of their being busy looking for ways of survival.

Therefore, biographies are getting less and less patronage because people are looking for ways to save cost against the rising inequality.

3. Addiction to social media.

The rate of people spending several hours scrolling through social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and Snapchat is moving up daily.

This over usage of social media has a negative consequence on daily activities like reading, learning, exercises and reading biographies.

However, we can read reading biographies in a simple way without affecting the usage of social media if the we can schedule it.

4. Decreasing attention span.

Distractions are almost everywhere, which decreases the attention span.

Biographies are dying because of the decrease in people’s attention level because of the existing of several objects that can break our attention pattern without difficulty.

Objects like our mobile phones, pets, friends, television and automobiles can grab our attention for a few minutes by breaking a productive chain of thought that will be difficult to get back to.

Reading biographies require a great level of attention in other to understand the content and most people are daily struggling to gain attention without distractions.

5. Bulkiness of biographies.

The large paper count of biographies and thousands of worth count is a contributing factor to the gradual declining of biographies.

Many people want to read biographies, however whenever they see the amount of words and the number of pages, they lose interest.

An average word count in a biography is between sixty to ninety thousand word count that can take the reader days to finish.

5. Rising cost of living/inflation.

Another factor contributing to gradual dying of biography is rising cost of living affecting lots of families across the United States and the rest of the world.

Inflation is on the rise yearly, which is a significant factor in the reduction of biography readers because they are struggling to meet their financial obligations.

6. Lack new quality biographies.

The quality of biographies is declining because of the entrance of some freelance writers whose sole purpose of writing biography is monetary benefits, not minding the impact on quality, credibility, and reviews of the audience.

This problem is affecting the credibility of biographies and making people lose interest in biographies after reading a few of such biographies.

Therefore, unless the quality is given priority ahead of the quantity of the biography, it will keep declining faster than expected.

7. Increase preference for other genres.

The popularity shift from biography to other genres among book lovers is another factor contributing to the dying nature of biography.

Genres like romance, sci-fi, fantasy in fiction category and history, geography amongst Non-fiction category are having an increase in followership while biography is witnessing the same in the opposite direction.

8. Fast pace changing world.

The world is changing in a phase that is very alarming for lots of people.

Interest and trends that are available five years ago are outdated today.

This is a factor in the declining of biography because people are always looking for ways to adapt and follow the trends than wait which keeps people away from biographies.

Biographies that have existed in the past thirty years will have no significant impact on how things are running this era because of the changing nature of the world.

Therefore, if you pick a lesson in an old biography and follow in your quest for Personal or business development, you will not going to succeed because the dynamics are not the same as it was before.

9. Decreasing popularity of biographies.

The generality of biography is decreasing in popularity judging from the last five years’ statistics.

People are losing interest in reading biographies at an alarming rate that needs to be studied and control fast.

10. Decreasing popularity of libraries.

For many years, the popularity of libraries has been on the downtrend because of several factors we need to look into and provide solutions to.

The factors are multifaceted, ranging from introduction of e-books, kindles, audiobooks, and the growing trend of working from home boosted by Covid-19 global Pandemic.

When did biographies began declining?

Biographies began dying six years ago and are not recovering from the downward trend till this day.

Many people see biography as a waste of time, others see it as important, while many others see a neutral about biographies.

What are the remedies to dying biographies?

There are several ways of tackling the dwindling fortune of biographies and reviving it upwards.

Some of the method to reverse the negative pattern include;

  1. Subsidize biographies.
  2. Create a reward system.
  3. Innovating new ways.
  4. Embark on promotional campaigns.
  5. Reduce inequality.
  6. Make them easily accessible.

1. Subsidize biographies.

The cost of buying copies of biographies needs to be reduced to allow more people the ability to buy for themselves.

We can do this reduction through government funding, private initiatives, non-governmental organizations, foundations, among others.

This will not only create more readers, but it will cause a spike to the number of biographies sold to people.

The lower the price of the biography, the higher the chance of getting buyers from the public.

2. Create a reward system.

Reward system has proven to be very an important method of generating millions of audience.

Therefore, there is a need for the creation of a reward system that will help will in increasing the number of biography readers across the world.

However, the reward system can be very simple so that people can troop into it and after a few years, it will be upscale when people read.

3. Innovate in new ways.

Innovation can go a long way in reviving the past glory of biographies.

Therefore, there is a need to create an innovate approach towards driving the popularity and followership of biographies.

4. Embark on promotional campaigns.

Campaign can generate your publicity, acceptance and awareness in a temporary period.

There is a need to leverage new and print media to drive the campaign and promotions of quality biography and after it succeeded, they will turn it on autopilot to continue.

5. Reduce inequality.

Governments need to do more in the reduction of inequality between the rich and the poor.

The poor needs to have access to their basic needs like food, shelter and education without difficulty and the rich need to be placated by paying a huge amount of money as tax.

6. Make them accessible.

Making biographies accessible to all in a simple, easy and reliable manner drives the popularity of biography upwards, even if they are not cheap.

We all will love to have books, especially biographies to read. This will give us the chance we need.


Biographies are dying because of the following identified factors that need to be addressed by the government. They are;

  • Declining reading culture.
  • Increase in income inequality.
  • Addiction to social media.
  • Decreasing attention span.
  • Bulkiness of Biographies.
  • Rising cost of living/inflation.
  • Lack of new quality biographies.
  • Increase preference to other genres.
  • Fast pace changing the world.
  • Decreasing popularity of Biographies.
  • Decreasing popularity of libraries.


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