Why is biography important to art and literature

Why is biography important to art and literature

The question “why biography is important to art and literature” requires an extensive explanation to be provided for students and other people interested in finding the best answer to the question.

We have provided here for you the answer after lots of painstaking and time consuming researches.

Before delving into the question, it is good to provide a brief explanations of other related terms that will help us in understanding better the answer we are going to discuss below.

What is biography?

In a simple term, a biography is a literary genre which provides a very detailed explanation and description of an important individual’s personal life.

It vividly explained in detail facts from his life, education, work, relationship, experiences, mistakes, achievements and even death.

Features of a biography

It is very important to know that in a biography, the contents often vary depending on the individual in question and the events that happened in his or her life.

However, most successful biographies contains the following key features:

  • Name, date and place of birth.
  • Education.
  • Occupation.
  • Important live events.
  • Individual achievements.
  • impacted or significance to the world.

Name, date and place of birth.

This appears on the beginning of a biography explaining the name of the person whose biography is the subject at hand, the day He or She was born and the location of where He or She was born with the address of the residence and the name of the province, town or city.


This section of a biography is aim at giving the reader a background about the schools the individual attends and the qualifications the individual possessed with dates attach to each of the schools in ascending order (preferably).


This section of a biography is for the purpose of explaining both past and present jobs the individual engaged in.

It is usually organise in a list pattern with the date and year of employment, promotion, transfer and the day of exit from the job.

Important live events.

In this section, all major events that have impacted on the live of the individual either in a positive or negative manner must be clearly stated.

The lesson learnt from the event, how the individual reacted to the event among others needs to be presented for the benefit of the reader.

Individual achievements.

This section deals extensively with bringing out the achievements recorded by the individual his lifetime covering both professional and personal life.

Any achievement has to be recorded for the purpose of recognition and for the reader to get inspiration through it.

Impact/significance to the world.

This section extols the individual’s contributions to His or Her community in particular and to the world in general.

Many great individuals have impacted this world in a positive manner which till today is beneficial to mankind.

The likes of Vasco Dagama, Albert Einstein, Muhammad, Jesus have left a lasting legacy to the world we live in.

What is arts?


Features of arts

There are seven most common features of art consisting of the following: shape, size, colour, line, texture, form,mark making, materiality and value.

What is literature?

According to the defination provided by Britannica.com/arts/literature “literature is a body of written works.”

It further explained that the name has traditionally been applied to those imaginative works of poetry and prose distinguished by the intentions of their authors and the perceived aesthetic excellence of their execution.

Why is biography important to art and literature?

This is the major aim of this article and we are going to explained it in the most simplest way possible.

Here, all the answer you are searching for has been provided below.


Biography is very important to art and literature because it allows the artist’s life to be told and expressed through the work of art.

The life of artists cannot be examine without looking back into the history to see how He or She begin, the challenges He or She faced, what shape their career, what motivates them to take certain decisions the way they do, their success stories, most most important lessons they learned among others.

It is important to know enough about famous artists in other to understand why they made certain decisions and why they choose to move in a certain direction in the quest of making their career a successful one.

It also helps the upcoming artists and art enthusiasts to hold it as a guide by reading about the successes and failures of others before them in other to avoid the mistakes they made and adopt the lessons from it, which will make their work better, faster, reliable and more accurate to the needs of our present contemporary times.

Moreover, biography is important to art and literature because the genre gives more importance to events or periods in someone’s life and experiences than to a particular person. This events and experiences gives you a clue of how, when and why the person did certain actions and the reasons behind them.

Biography is also important to art and literature because it serve as a source of credible information for generations to come.

The lives of Socrates, Aristophanes, Alexander the great, Abraham Lincoln, Aristotle among others come to us through the process of biography which documents such and provides to many generations that will read, understand and appreciate their contributions which may have not been possible if not for biography.

The life of artists cannot be perfectly explained through words of mouth alone but also through the work of art.

The arts is good in expressing meanings, struggles, passions, emotions and achievements to millions of people without a single word written sometimes and the people will understand the message in a very clear terms, which will stick to their lives unlike the traditional method of expressing in a book that can easily be forgotten by a reader.

The biography gives importance and freedom to a person’s imagination in his or her unique ways without the need for saying a word or writing it down.
The work of art provide in simple terms the ability to see and view the life of the artist through his or her art works.


The reason why is biography important to art and literature is because it allows the artist’s life to viewed, told and expressed through the work of art, gives clear understanding of how and why an artist moved to a particular direction and the reasons behind it and to help readers in having an idea of what to expect from a certain individual before looking into his or her biography and other documented works.


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